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Thick yellow phlem

Hi all

Would like some advice on this yellow think phlem I do not cough it up, but for the last couple of mornings I have had to clear my throat and it's there no other time in the day does this happen sometimes feels like I have a cold but nuffin serious no cough no sob just doing my head in now I was told earlier on in the year I have mild background copd I do not use any medication for this I hAve had sinus trouble a couple of times this year so not sure if this is anything to do with that I am not one for taking medicine but would soonerr try natural remidies first.

Anyone else have this problem ?

Many thanks for any advice returned

Mollie x

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Hi Mollie - It can be swept up from your lungs by the cillia overnight - but equally maybe coming from sinuses.

If sinuses try a saline nasal rinse like neilmed netti pot (amazon) and/or ask Dr.

He may prescribe Beconase steroid nasal spray. If it gets worse be sure to see GP, may need antibios.

I get it when the weather turns.

Best wishes.


Could be start of chest infection


Thank you for your replies I will see what it's like tomorrow if still the same I will nip into doctors

Many thanks

Mollie x

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I am a COPD sufferer my Respiratory nurse told me that coloured mucus in the morning when you first get is not to say your getting an infection, but should start to be clear colour mucus by lunch time or if it is turning to a green colour to get checked out as could be the start of a chest infection


Hi Joyce

That is what is happening as soon as I have cleared my throat in the morning I seem to be fine no mucus at all so fingers crossed no infection ,thank you for replying .

Mollie x


your Welcome Mollie, if it stays green contact the DR


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