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LFT's persist in being abnormal


Since an acute episode in May this year with all the hallmarks of a PE (positive D-dimer, positive ECG) but a negative CT scan effectively ruling PE out, my lung function tests remain abnormal (though improved).

I have a stable mixed form of asthma which doctors agree is not the cause of my lung symptoms, however no conclusive diagnosis was made.

Dyspnoea at rest has now improved to on slightest exertion and resting pulse reduced from over 100 bpm to 86 bpm, however, this shoots up as soon as I walk about.

Hypertensive urgency was reported as the cause of my symptoms but I know this was not the case. I have been hypertensive for many years with values of 200/110 which I did not seek urgent medical assistance for therefore a BP 153/104 was not an emergency to me although a pulse of135 and lung distress was, including labile hypertension dropping down to 90/40 with dizziness.

At a recent visit to the blood pressure clinic bloods included venous blood gas analysis.

pH 7.272 (7.350-7.450)

pCO2 65.3mmhg (35.0-45.0)

pO2 32.5mmHg (75.0-100)

HCO3-act 29.4 mmol/l (21-26)

HCO3-std 24.1 (21-26)

BE 0.8mmol/l (-2 to -3)

BE (ect) 2.6

sO2 (Hb O2 saturation) 54.0% (92-98.5%)

FO2HB (oxy Hb fraction) 53.2% (94-97%)

FHHb (Deoxy Hb fraction) 45.4% (0.0-5.0)

Many other blood values were slightly out of range and some extreme values including Plasma renin 1532.50uIE/ml (2.8-40 lying and 4.4-46 standing) and Cortisol (basal) 5.5 ug/dl (151.7 mmol) (normal range 10-25 ug/dl).

Can anyone help make sense of this picture, doctors are dismissing it as nearly normal with a follow up in 6 months. I am much better than I was but this is concerning me.

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Don't understand much of your post, sorry (my fault, not yours). Why don't you give the BLF nurses a ring tomorrow. I believe they start at 9 a.m. Here's the number -

03000 030 555


Yes, Toci's suggestion is a good one - the BLF nurses will have the training and experience to understand the results and know what's near normal and what's not, whereas I would only be guessing.


Thank you, I will give the nurses a call


Nurses unable to help, advised referral to lung specialist. So now the wait begins :-)

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