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Hi there my fellow smilers.

Just an up date as to how things are going , well I had been on the chemo tablets for 3 weeks and they caused me to be covered in spots and sores so you name it and it gave me it, contacted the oncologist who said it looked as if I was started on to higher a dose at 150mg per day but also it showed that they were working, I am now on 100mg per day and spots etc are clearing up, stay on these for 4 weeks then a scan and be re accessed, rather tired and hairless but still staying positive and smiling as I have a packed with Suzy (W) that no matter what that's what we will be. Hope you are all hanging in there and as we have said for ages keep smiling.

Fred aka smiler xx :)

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Hi Fred

Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Your a pal Andy don't you go getting cramp in those fingers.

Cheers Fred :)

My goodness Fred what can i say, you are some guy, a complete inspiration to all,beyond words, i'm so glad this treatment is working for you, so glad your in touch with suzy.

keep "smiling " Fred, we miss you when your off the site, i look forward to your jokes, i even go back on them and look again :)

, take care now, both you and suz.

look forward to hearing from you very soon

kindest regards and best thoughts

jimmy :)

Thanks jimmy once we have got this nasty stuff fully under control you all will be so so fed up of hearing from Suzy (W) and me as there will be stopping us then. I say the treatment is working but that's just me we will find out if and how much the end of this month when I have the next scan, but both Suzy and I are remaining positive (arnt we Suzy (W) ?

Cheers Jimmy you take care pal. :) ;)

Take care Fred thinking of you

Dorothy xx

Hi there Dorothy good to hear from you, I hope all is well your end.

Love Fred xx :)

Nice to hear from you Fred, and even nicer that things are going in the right direction for you. Look after yourself. xx

Thanks Sheila nice to speak love, time will tell but I have plenty of that.

Fred xx :)

All the best Fred, you're doing great! Thinking about you & wish you well. Take care x

Cheers Jessy for your wishes you look after yourself as well.

Fred xx :)

Hi Fred

So whats a few spots and no hair...as you say spots are going, I understand the being tired, give in to it and rest.

It's lovely to hear from you Fred you keep up with the positive feelings and smiling.

When I read your postings it makes me feel a little well a little humble. You don't know it but you have helped me a great deal and Fred for that I thank you.

Get well Fred.

Love Sheila aka etch45 xxx


Sheila your a gem, whats all that about feeling a little humble, for goodness sake its people like you that keep people like me going. Anyway don't go for the little ones aim big.

Love Fred aka Smiler :) xxx

Hi Fred, this post had made my day. I have been worried about you. I so so hope and pray they are working. Thank goodness the spots are clearing. I may be joining you soon in hairless. Mine isn't coming out in clumps but just getting less and less all over.

Oh well I suppose it is a small price to pay for partial remission in one lung and no change in the other.

I see my Consultant Tuesday but I'm unsure what to expect.

Oh yes we WILL be wishing each other Happy Christmas. The pact is still on.

You and me against this nasty invader.

Had my moments lately but seeing you here has renewed my resolve.

Take care Fred

Love Suzy(W)xxxx


Hi there my buddy pal great to hear we are still on course like a couple of ships in the night, as the saying goes Hair today gone tomorrow, I find it strange not having to shave and also it has taken my eye brows but my eye lashes have grown so I can now flutter them at the lovely ladies. Stay strong Suzy(W) and when it stops being painful for a while do not forget the smile.

Love as before Fred XXxx aka Smiler

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Love to you too Suzy xxxxxxxxx

Hiya Fred,great to hear from you,sorry about the spots and sores,hope things settle down now, I can't imagine you being down for long so come on SMILE,we all miss you,take care Fred.


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Hi there Glenice I must admit I was in a bit of a dark place as I was covered from head to waist and it really was painful but on the mend sort of now can not speak for the cancer as we are not on talking terms at the moment.

Fred xx :)

You keep telling it where to go,Lol hope you will soon feel much better,and please keep smiling.


Hi Fred lovely to see you back on here are care xx

Thanks Bliss its good to speak xx :)

Dearest Smiler sorry the medication has has these side effects but lovely to hear from you and from our Suzy. Wishing you both the very best and sending lots of healing hugs.

love cx

Thanks cx its does me good to drop in now and again xx :)

Lovely to see you Fred and as always wishing you well. Keeping everything crossed for you which is a little bit painful but never mind!

You take care and bless you. xxxx

Carole you be careful with all that crossing, but I am grateful . Love Fred xxx :)

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Hiya my smiler Fred, so good to hear from you. Glad things are looking up a bit, hope the meds continue to keep you on the right track.

Thinking of you and sending warm hugs and best wishes.

Take care,

Christine. XXX

Oh thanks for that Christine I try to stay positive and those lovely warm hugs will help all the way back to the hospital. Look after yourself.

Love Fred xxx :)

Hello Dearest Holly, it is wonderful to see you. Here is a {{{HUG}}} and my very best wishes to you. Lots of Love Az and George xxx

Thank you Az its like wise, to hear from you is nice, and love the big Hug can never get enough of those, so sending one back to you and a man hug to George.

Love Fred xxx :)

Hi Fred, Glad the chemo is working. Side effects sound horrible but it will be worth it. On-going battle. You make me feel ashamed that I do not keep as cheerful as you. Love Kaye

Kaye lovely to hear from you, we all have our own battles to fight and do that in our own ways. Look after yourself.

Love Fred xxx :)

Hang in there, Fred. xx

Cheers Toci will do :)

Lovely to hear from you Fred. what that song? when you're feeling sad and blue, there is nothing else to do but give a little whistle... Not sure if that's right, you will know. Sailors do know how to whistle don't they? You are our hero, we all wish you well. Love Iris xx

Iris you are right with the song, but as an old submariner you were not allowed to whistle as they could be confused with any call being made on the bosun's call, out of interest Iris umbrella's are not allowed on submarines. Thanks for your wishes.

Love Fred xxx :)

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Umbrellas? am I being dumb? Bet you whistled at the girls when on leave!

If an umbrella was needed in a submarine it would mean there was water leaking in, not a good idea.You are far from being dumb Iris xx

Lovely to see you Holly and so glad that your dosage has been reduced and the spots are going away. You are a remarkable man and we are all rooting for you.

Thanks for your message its very kind of you, yes the dosage being reduced by 50mg has made a big difference but if the extra 50 will be the one to make the difference to the tumours I will put up with the side effects, thanks for rooting.

Fred :) ;)

Take care Fred, hope the treatment works, thinking of you xx

Thanks Lyn I look at it this way the treatment has 2 choices and if it takes the second choice we will try something else. Keep smiling.

Fred xxx :)

Such a lovely surprise to see your post Fred 😊. Sorry though to hear about the side-effects - but I'm sure you're still a very good looking guy πŸ˜‰. Take lots of care.

Love Jan xx

Nice one Jan the only trouble is I was not a good looking guy before the spots etc but I try hard. :) I hope you are alright and looking after yourself.

Love Fred xxx :)

Hi my lovely neighbour I have missed you. Stay strong and positive Fred hun xx

I will try again this is the third attempt at replying to you, thanks for your message and I hope you are alright over there just around the coast. Fred xxx :)

Oh dear Fred, gremlins in the system! Hasn't it been lovely and summery the past week or so? I think that's finished now as dull and grey (and colder) today.

I took the dog down the sea front today as it was a lovely day and they are allowed back on the beaches now. She had a wonderful time and so did I. Hope you are as ok as possible neighbour and have a good day. Bless ya. xx

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How happy am I to see you Smiler before I turn in for the night 😁 I love your positive attitude , you and Suzy are such an inspiration, love and hugs to you both always, huff xxx😘

What can I say huff catching you before you go to bed, maybe I should have waited a while before sending the other message :) lol. Anyway enough of that I hope you are keeping as well as can be expected and remember Keep Smiling. xxx Fred

Darling Fred, sorry for late reply (time difference) as always pleased to see your post as is Michael, glad that the spots and sores are clearing up I bet you felt like Spotty Muldoon there for a while you poor man, anyway take good care of yourself. Love Lee the girl from down under. Xxx πŸ’–

As they say here in France..."Bon Courage!"

Lolly pop, lolly pop oh lollylollypop thank you for the message really good to hear from you. My Granddaughter is moving to France later this month to work. Fred xx :)

Good morning Fred, So pleased to hear from you, rotten that the pills are having awful side effects,but so delighted that they are working. Do trust the rest of the family are dong ok,you are so missed on this site, very best wishes, Bulpit

And a good morning to you to, it is good to hear from you all, I know I should come on here more often but I feel at times that I just want to stay out the way it doesn't last to long and I am still positive and can crack a smile. Fred xx :)

Lovely to check in this morning and find your message, we have missed you! Take care Fred and I hope the treatment works it's magic. Xris x

Good to hear from you, with all the wishes from you lovely people the treatment has no other choice but to work. Fred xxx :)

Dear Fred, so lovely to hear from you. I think of you very often and wish you well. All the very best, you so deserve it. Penelope xxx

So good to hear from you Penelope and to see the picture of the Lab, I am ok and getting use to my new hairless style, Keep smiling lady xxx Fred :)

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Great to see you Fred hair or not hang on in it won't take forever to complete the treatment take care xx

Thanks for that, one thing I do not have to shave at the moment and also do not have to find a parting just a quick wipe with the flannel and all done.

Love Fred xxx ps its me on a mission now :)

You see finding a positive in a negative situation you will sail though this and make the most of not shaving. A lot of people who loose hair through cancer treatment when it grows back its curly I'm looking forward to seeing that picture xx

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