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A Totally Excellent Day!

Sometimes something happens to put a big grin on your face...today it was my turn. Not Himself though 'cos it involves hard cash and he's not good at dipping into our modest stash...not good at all.

We've been having a few problems with the electricity...nothing major...more of a nuisance than anything when all the sockets suddenly stop working...anyway Himself asked next door if they knew of a good electrician and they said they did...and pointed out we know him as well...the totally delectable Brian...

It is the totally gorgeous and lovely Brian who owns the land where the cillin is...and he's a builder and farmer and lo and behold also a qualified sparks...so he came this afternoon and announced it was all the fault of the central heating pump and he's fixed it...now Brian bought a row of tiny terraced houses in town and has been slowly modernising them...so I asked did he do roofs.

And he does roofs. So Himself was forced to show him our leaky kitchen roof 'cos I was looking daggers in his direction...and the lovely, gorgeous, delectable Brian didn't stand there with his arms folded and chewing his bottom lip...he said this is not a problem.

He's going to give us a quote which I'm totally prepared for...it won't be cheap...but it does look as though we might finally, at long last, be having a proper kitchen roof.

He also asked if I'd like the entire kitchen 'done'...could have enveloped him in a huge hug, but thought better of it...also thought Himself might well expire at the thought of our modest stash disappearing altogether, which it would if he did do all the kitchen...

There is one problem...isn't there always...Brian speaks very quickly and has an especially strong Mayo accent, so I find myself having to think about what he's said before answering him and Himself simply doesn't understand a word but pretends he does...having a deaf ear obviously doesn't help with Himself either.

We asked so many different people who have announced themselves to be roofers who've come along to have a look and have gone away never to be seen again...even Mick who looks like a Leprechaun never came back and he dodges down past the tea-bags if I happen to see him in the shop...

It's also better I think, to have someone you know do work in your home...to feel comfortable in their company is quite important .

Just hope that we can finally get the leaky roof fixed once and for all...

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Everybody needs a Brian ♥♥♥


Ha ha ha could feel a song coming on.......!!

All sounds good to me,you will have a handsome Brian around for a while,and also a dryer,warmer kitchen,could also help your breathing if there has been any damp.

So happy for you Vashti , why not let him quote you for the kitchen, then if its too high you can always talk about it with him and see where you could save a few pounds by cutting a few corners. My daughter had to do this as her quotes were way to high but instead of everything being "high end" she then went middle of the road and was very very happy with the end result. Ime sure that if Brian has already done a few houses already he will be able to accommodate you.

Love ur description of people,, glad ur getting things fixed. Xx Sonia xx

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Fingers crossed for a little bit of Irish luck coming your way🍀.

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Ha ha vashti - can you send delectable Brian to me please? :) x

Maybe Brian can get rid of the resident rat while he is at it? It is definitely money well spent fixing the leaky roof, could save a lot of bother and money in the long term.

Having the totally delectable Brian around for a while is going to be better than any medicine 😉😉😀. You definitely need to have the kitchen done as well so you have him around for even longer !! Jan x

Kitchens and roofs are essential to a happy lady of the house and Mr eye candy would be the icing on the cake me thinks. 🔧 🔩 🔨 X

You are funny Vashti - thank you for putting a smile on my face before I go to work - good luck with the roof. xx

"We might has well have him to do XYZ while he's here, it'll save in the long run" was a line that worked well for me - just saying!

Fingers firmly crossed in the hope you have your new roof very soon and no more leaks! Nice when things go well and it is good to have someone you know doing things in your home especially if he is gorgeous and lovely. Could you not take a sneaky photo of him sometime? Be good for the soul you know.

Wishing you well. Love, Carole xxxx

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