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Total knee replacement

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well I have finally been put on the surgery list for a total knee replacement, due within 9 months. I am being a bit of a scaredy cat about it as unsure of the risks .I will see if the anaesthetist will do a spinal anaesthetic and not a general as your suggestions on here 12 months ago before really committing to it.I Know it's the best thing for me

20 Replies
Stratos20 profile image

My husband had two TKR some years ago. Best thing he ever did. Your concerns are understandable but be positive. You’ll be fine x

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B0xermad in reply to Stratos20

Thank you for your reply 👍

sassy59 profile image

Hoping all goes well for you when the time comes. Thinking of you. Xx👍🥰

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B0xermad in reply to sassy59

Thank you sassy 🙂

Alberta56 profile image

Best wishes- hope all goes well. But I'm told you have to work hard at the exercises afterwards to achieve total success.

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B0xermad in reply to Alberta56

😱 that's difficult with breathing issues, but I am willing to give it my best shot

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Alberta56 in reply to B0xermad

I bet you will. My husband should have had the op a couple of years ago, but he didn't feel he needed it then and now I know he would never do the exercises.

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I hope all goes well for you when the time comes.

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My mom had her knee done without general anaesthetic. She was fine and did all of her excercises and still plays with her great grandsons.

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Wish you all the best with this. The exercises are important, but a lot can be done slowly, and many sitting down. Just do not do what one gent. I worked with did. He had just had his second knee replacement (one month prior to this) I visited and discovered him up a ladder painting the hallway wall, he wondered why he had difficulty getting down again. I went out into the back garden with his wife, as we could bear to watch and he refused any offer of help. He wrote a complaint letter to the Orthopaedic Surgeon, as with both new knees, he had thought he would be able to play tennis again as well as he had in his sixties (he was over eighty now)!!

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katieoxo60 in reply to SORRELHIPPO

Well guess he was a bit optimistic , me too I thought I would be able to rebuild my mobility but it was not to be. Apparently it takes a lot of physio to get muscles rebuilt the older you are. So some of us have to settle for pain relief rather than more mobility. Surgeons do seem to be putting over the best scenario and avoiding the bad bits. My physios just act as moral boosters egging me on to better things. Did your freind get the decorating finished by the way with no falls. ?

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SORRELHIPPO in reply to katieoxo60

I think his wife told him, that if he went up a ladder again, she would refuse to feed him. His son did the painting (which he had offered to do anyway.

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My total knee replacement took away all the pain from the joint. Just make sure the hospital you are referred to has a good reputation.

Unfortunately the poor aftercare I received at my local hospital left me with damaged nerves. I followed through the complaints process but the hospital didn't carry out the Health Ombudsman's recommendations. And fifteen years later, the same hospital made the same aftercare mistakes with a friend of mine who was in for a different reason. Should I need any major surgery in future, I will insist on being referred to Oswestry or Stoke.

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Should be really beneficial for you though a bit of pain and hard work with rehab at first. When I was in NZ years ago we were going sand surfing down the enormous sand dunes and one woman doing it had had two knee replacements and she was enjoying life to the full racing up the dunes and surfing down. Take care x

Poll61 profile image

Hi my husband had a full knee replacement on the 27th of July and he is up and about now, obviously he can't drive at the moment but he comes shopping with me I asked how was the pain and he said nothing compared to before he had his knee done, he had the staples removes 3 days ago and said it felt more flexible once they were removed, hope this helps you, take care of yourself.

Digger0 profile image

I understand your concerns, but a new knee will make you so much more mobile. Good luck

Izb1 profile image

I can understand you feeling like a scaredy cat Boxermaid , I am sure I would feel the same too but its surprising where the strength comes from when you actually have it done. I havent had knee surgery but have had a few others and the relief you will feel once its done will be fab. I try not to think about things until I am sat in the chair (so to speak) then keep saying to myself , it will be over by lunchtime/dinnertime , which strangely seems to help x

Mooka profile image

My husband had a total knee replacement a few years ago and is so relieved he did. He was really struggling before this and now walks several miles a day. He went for the epidural but went out like a light with it 🤷🏻‍♀️ I won’t pretend he didn’t have any discomfort in the early days but he’s not used to taking pills so didn’t take as many as he should. Good luck I hope you can make the right decision for yourself.

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Hello B0xermad, good news one step nearer to that new knee. I had the spinal injections no problem but not all hospitals do it that way. Think positive, ask questions and before you know it you will be on the recovery list not the waiting list. The spinal injections were much better than general aneasetic. one bit of advice make sure all is sorted to return home as its hard going first couple of weeks due to drugs ,pain and physio. I have heard the scheme that my local hospital used is going to commence in other NHS hospitals soon as the future way forward for hip & knee ops. Its nice to know I have been a part of useful research to reduce waiting times for this surgery. Stay well while waiting.

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I’m due to have a total knee replacement but have not been put on the list yet because I also need a cataract done and I want to have that done first. I’ve met the knee surgeon and he’s said he’ll do it by epidural because I also have breathing issues. I’ll be able to stay on my usual dose of steroids but will have to stop methotrexate until 6 weeks after surgery.

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