Singing with IPF

I'm a professional singer diagnosed with interstitial lung disease or IPF. The consultant thinks it's the autoimmune kind. I mostly teach singing now but am trying to keep singing as long as i can. Are there any other people with this disease who are singing or have sung professionally? Or anyone who uses their voice in a professional capacity, like acting? I'd like to talk to someone to see what you're doing to keep your voice working.

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  • Hi Pianosop - Sorry can't help you with your question really although probably someone will come up with some ideas for you. I just wanted to say welcome to the site x piggi

  • I do know that singing is positively encouraged with IPF,to help keep the lungs going,sorry I don't know anyone,have you joined Pulmonary Fibrosis UK on facebook,there are over 2000 of us with IPF on there,I am sure someone on there could advise you.Regards Sooki.

  • Thank you. I've joined the IPF group too.

  • Hi, Pianosop. I have a different lung condition to you, but hope that my experience may help.

    I have had voice training on and off for 45 years, and my voice has never been better since being diagnosed with COPD. I look after my physical health, have a singing lesson each week where I sing to my limit (e.g. this week I sang Handel's "He shall feed his flock/come until Him" four times and Faure's "Pie Jesu" five times). I sing regularly as Director of Music at All Saints Church, Crewe; leading the choir and the music group. I also run a weekly singing group for people with lung conditions, called "Breathe Better Sing Together", which you can find out more about at . The Pulmonary Rehab physio and assistant are very supportive about this group.

    My singing has helped me control my breathing to counteract my condition. My breath control meant that I wasn't aware of having any problems until last year I went to the top terrace of Mount Teide on Tenerife, about 3500 metres, and felt very unwell. 11 months later the Respiratory Nurse at my GP practice diagnosed moderate COPD.

    Before I sing I take two puffs of Ventolin to help the airways - I did a blind trial with my singing teacher who could tell the difference in my singing even though he didn't know the reason. I also take Salmeterol twice a day.

    Probably the best advice for you is keep fit, keep taking the meds, and keep singing!

  • Thanks for replying. I like the idea of your singing group. Might look into starting a group like that round here. Can I pick your brains if I do?

  • Of course you can, Pianosop. You can always message me through this site so that we don't bore everyone else with the nitty gritty details.

  • Hi Pianosop, I too am s singer, am past the age where most have given up but l belong to a community choir close to Ringwood and try to get there each week l love singing so much and have to attend by my Husband pushing me in a wheelchair. I have been told by my Consulants to keep up the good work, it is so good for my lung condition, l have extrinsic allergic alveolitus. So yes anyone can join a community choir, you Sony be sorry. xx

  • Sorry about the last few words,ml of course meant to say, you won't be sorry xxxx

  • Spellcheck!! Thanks for your reply. Glad to hear you're still singing. Makes life better for sure.

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