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Cauliflower Cheese

My version of a recipe for Cauliflower Cheese found on-line somewhere or other...


About 2 oz's of pasta quills or whichever you have

Cheese sauce made with strong Cheddar

2 tbl spoons of Mozzarella cheese...add it to the cooked cheese sauce.

Enough fresh white breadcrumbs to cover the entire top of your dish.

Teaspoonful of good Olive oil

1crushed Garlic clove...add it to the cheese sauce

1 teaspoonful of strong mustard...add to the cheese sauce

Put just cooked Cauliflower and pasta into shallow dish...stir in the sauce...stir the olive oil into the breadcrumbs...layer breadcrumbs on top of dish.

Cook at Gas mark 4 for about 20 mins...when the breadcrumbs have turned a toasty colour. Serve with grilled Tomatoes or a green salad...

This freezes well and will also keep until the following day if you put it in the 'fridge...

This is for putting weight on or keeping your weight up to acceptable levels. For those trying to lose weight... just substitute all the ingredients for can use brown bread for the crumb topping if you'd rather and the pasta can be whole-wheat instead of the white but just ensure it's properly cooked before adding it to the sauce and the can take a little while longer to cook.

I'm presuming you know how to cook a Cauliflower and how to make a cheese could always use a packet of sauce for convenience.

A point to'll probably need about a pint of cheese sauce...if that's too much and you have some left over, add it to left-over mashed potatoes for cheesy potato pie the next day.

Hope you enjoy the eating...let me know?

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All my fave ingredients will give this a go thanks vast



Gonna try that, my missus is a veggie and will love it. Forgotten how to make a proper cheese sauce............?


Perhaps it'd be wise to Google 'cos I 'know' how much flour etc and never weigh anything...I always use the Delia Smith method for sauces....put all the ingredients in the pan together and then cook over a low heat while beating with a balloon works beautifully!


When I was first married, I made cauliflower cheese, using a recipe from cookery in Colour by Marguerite Patten.

I trimmed a whole cauliflower, washed and cooked it then put in in a casserole dish. Then I made a nice thick sauce with cheddar cheese, poured it over the cauliflower to brown in the oven.

We ate it all, enjoying the lovely flavours. There was a little left in the bottom so i picked it up with a tablespoon to put on my husband's plate, only to discover a HUGE green caterpillar resting on the bottom of the dish


oh dear but i suppose it was better than finding half a caterpillar in the dish


You've got a point there, but there may have been others!

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It probably added to the flavour :) x

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My mum used to say the caterpillar's only been eating what you're eating. Put it on the side of your plate and finish off the rest.

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