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Low FeNO score


My first FeNO score was 11. A month later I saw my respiratory consultant and my Feno score has dropped to 7.

A normal adults FeNO score is 25 and an uncontrolled asthmatic score is 75 or above.

Does any one know what a lower than normal adults FeNO means.

It has worried my respiratory consultant so much that I have to go back on 6th October for another FeNO test.

My respiratory consultant has scrapped my asthma plan as FeNO shows it is not asthma it is far too low to be asthma.

It has worried me and I am not sure what to expect.

I have been given peptac for breathlessness and White phelgm cough.

Such a weird week.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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Thank you for the link. I found it a very interesting read.


Normal feno is 5-25 pbb. So 7 or 11 is fine. Why would the consultant worry over well within normal values ?


I thought the lower the NO the better, it being a measure of airway inflammation? Are you in the UK, as asthma specialists here dont bother much with monitoring it they go on symptoms. Robin

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My consultant is worried because I am displaying breathing difficulties with a low FeNO result. It is not normal.


Hi robinell

I think this is part of problem.

My peak flow is always between 200 and 380. It never goes any lower. I have never wheezed once in my life. My FeNO is 7 at the moment.

Yet I am breathless and have a cough.

I agree with my consultant it is not asthma.

But as to what it is only time will tell.

I am displaying symptoms of asthma but the tests they have show otherwise.



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