Please help

Please sign this petition to help my friends little granddaughter and others who have this.....100.000 signatures are needed to get this looked at in parliament so if anyone can share this please do....thank you all so much x x

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  • Have signed. I hope this girl will get the help she needs.


  • Signed. Every child deserves a chance in life.

  • Done Mandy. xx

  • Signed hope it works bless her, XX Sally

  • Have signed and posted on Facebook x

  • signed it

  • Have signed the petition Mandy and hope little Emily gets all the help she needs and deserves. Bless her. xxx

  • Signed and posted to faceache!😁 xxxx

  • hahaha...lovely x x

  • Signed xx

  • Signed. Not on FB so made a small donation.

  • Starless im not even aware of any donation i dont think the family have done that but can find out for you x

  • Its a donation to I've not seen it before on change but they usually ask for one i think its a new way of getting funding

  • Oh thats not something ive seen either but just to let you know its not something the family have set up...........thanks for everyone's help x

  • I know it's not the family it's for they can't operate for free and I am more than pleased to help spread the word of this very worthy petition.

  • Starless my friend who is the granny of Emily says there is a go fund page for Emily for specialist equipment so im guessing thats what you mean....thank you so much its very generous and she didnt even tell me about that so will join you x x

  • Signed and posted on Facebook. X

  • Signed & wish Emily & her family all the good luck they deserve. I hope you get enough signatures to enable this wee lamb to start the trial. God bless

  • " Signed Mandy...xx

  • Thanks megan......that ball exerciser is a killer :) x

  • Signed. Good luck. xx

  • done hope it helps

  • Signed it. xx

  • Signed. But am not on Facebook.

  • Thank you Magpuss every signature counts

  • Ok Mandy sure i ll sign it for your

    grandchild and all afflicted.

    Do hope medical marijuana will reach those who need it and apropriate research advances but equally too people look at existing claims - as those made for copd too.

  • Hi hopeup

    Emily isnt my granddaughter she is my friends.....thank you

  • Signed good luck

  • I have signed, hope this helps.

  • Done x thinking of everyone affected by this. xx

  • signed. It seems ridiculous that we supply this medicine to the US but no one can have it here! I hope she gets the medicine. x piggi

  • Thanks stilltrucking........Emily is on a lot of medication so obviously just adding something like that isnt an option as they dont know how it would interact thats why the family are doing the petition so they can start trials

  • I was responding to a post that claimed CBD oil was not available in the UK when in fact it is.

  • oh ok your reply came to me...yeah its available for sure

  • Its available here to buy it but there is nothing available with the support of the medical professions which is ridiculous but we got 300 signatures yesterday.........

    thank you sooooo much x x

  • Signed. Hope that Emily gets all the help she needs xx

  • Signed. All the best for Emily.

  • Yeah thats why they want it here too GW dont provide the same way here in the uk thats what the petition is for

  • If clinical trials only started in 2014 it'll be a few years before they market it anywhere. In any case, why would they restrict supply to the US once it's developed? Sativex was developed by them I believe, and is available in the UK . . .

  • I have no idea where your trying to go with this...I have no idea of the medical facts with Emily all i know is the family are trying to get the same trials happening here in the uk that they have got going in the USA ......

  • Not going anywhere, just conversing. A little puzzled. What would be the point of running duplicate clinical trials in the US and the UK?

  • Because she wants her daughter on it like anyone would

  • But only as part of a clinical trial?

    Quote (June 2015):

    '. . . GW Pharmaceuticals, a UK based company, is currently undergoing clinical trials for its cannabis based medication called Epidiolex in the United States. We are all waiting to see, through the filter of science, what families find clearly evident, that cannabis is the hope for a possible cure. . . .'

  • If you read the story on Emily you will see how much she is suffering and if they can they want her involved in this treatment as you say they are a UK based company yet doing the trials in the USA and they want them to do them here......

    I am sure Emilys parents would be better informed to tell you what it is you need to know ...all im doing is trying to help them get the petition signed

  • Fair enough, but as a matter of possible interest I came across this:

  • Im really unsure what your asking ...i know they have looked into it a lot and its the reason they want it here but i will pass that on

  • I just said 'fair enough'. No more questions. Added the link because it's got potentially useful details, like the starting dose in the trial -

    (98% pure CBD oil, 5 mg/kg/day . . .).

  • It must be really hard for them when its on sale here but not under medical supervision..... i cant imagine how hard it must be not to just buy it and give it yourself with all the positive information thats coming from these trails but it is bloody annoying when they are based in the UK and doing their work in the USA

    Ive just sent her that but they have already seen it

  • Signed and shared.

  • I have signed it Mandy, but not on any social media sites to share it..

    Hope it went through ok as I am having problems with this site and my lappy!

    take care,

    hugs from |Huggs xxx :)

  • Thanks honey everyone of them count x

  • job done Mandy xx

  • Signed. Good luck with this.


  • Signed................good luck.:-)

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