The Blessed Night

The Blessed Night

It has been nearly a year since the normal sleep pattern I have known for over fifty years changed forever. Fatigue now follows my every hour. There are certain moments when it is briefly forgotten though - these are mostly when it comes to the time when I first go to sleep.

The pic - taken by a local last night - is of my home town. I live in the hills to the far right Look what gazes upon us as we sleep; a whole galaxy! This is the stuff of dreams not nightmares.

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That's an amazing photo....almost worth being awake to take that.

I know what you mean about not sleeping....I guess it's the brain saying its short of oxygen wake up. I have to sit up and try and gain control, but sometimes it actually more scarey to try and go to sleep. Then I have to sit up and try and distract myself.

Pesky lungs! Hope you manage to rest today

I get in a few hours at first then when the dreaming stage of sleep kicks in I am in fits and starts till morning. I can usually only lie on left side due to chronic shoulder pain. Counting backwards helps a bit... Or just lie to myself that I am asleep until I am. ;)

What a breathtaking photo! I always sleep with my bedroom blind partly up so if I wake in the night, which I do frequently, I can gaze out at the stars & it usually lulls me back to the land of nod. I don't like my room to be in complete darkness & luckily hubby doesn't object as he's such a deep sleeper. Thanks for sharing the night sky with us.

Yes, this time of year all I have to do is tilt my head back a little and there usually is the Southern Cross constellation. shining in the black sky.

That is such a stunning picture Bernard, there's nothing worse then needing sleep and not getting it, shadows everyday, hope things improve for you xxx

Thanks Medow. ''Shadows everyday''- exactly.

That is a beautiful picture! Too much light pollution to see anything that beautiful where I live, and there's a street light right outside my bedroom window.

It's okay Magpus, all you have to do is close your eyes and you can travel and see whatever your heart desires. We are spirits.

Intergalactic space fascinates me. There is a lot of it and it is mostly pitch black there.

Years ago when I was fit and healthy and before I lost my husband we went to Yellowstone Park, we saw many wonderful sights but my most abiding memory is of the night sky. I've never seen so many stars in my life and would never have been able to appreciate just how beautiful the night sky can be if I'd not been there.

And we are all made of stardust! x

Yes, from dead stars. And did you know that heavy elements like silver and gold are only made in massive supernovas? Most stars don't die so dramatically.


My sleep remedy is to listen to a talking book. Good story, you are listening then you find you have missed half the story. But you are asleep finally! Normally takes me 14 minutes.When I listen to the book in the daytime I know exactly which bit I have listened to!

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