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Hello fellow chesty people

I thought I'd add this link (hope it works) on the benefits of rebounding.

* The beauty of it is that you can go as gently as you like. Use hand-held weights if you want a more intense workout.

* It doesn't depend on the weather.

* It doesn't take up too much room.

* it can be done in front of the telly.

* I'd like to say it's my daily routine - but it should be :-)


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Thanks soulsaver!

This is the original link I tried to lists the benefits. Hope it works this time... If not I give up!


That doesn't work either. Here:


Duh! How do you do that? I copied the link and then pasted it....or so I thought.

Sorry, I know this isn't the place for a computer lesson...but I'd like to know



When you are on the page you want to link to/right click in the address bar (highlights the web address and opens a drop down)/ click copy (from the drop down)/ come here & paste in the reply box.. et voila...

...going to Carcassonne in a couple of weeks :))


Ah I'm doing this on my ipad so no right click....

Carcassonne how fab! Have a wonderful time. I'm off to Dubrovnik on the 16th with 5 'girlie' friends for a 4-night break - a biggish birthday for me :-(


I am not sure what version of iOS you are using but there should be a box with an up arrow beside the address bar or something like that. When you are on the webpage you want to copy the link for you simply touch that box and it will open a box with several choices one of which will be copy, so if you select copy and then come here and press and hold on the screen where you want to insert the link it will bring up the word paste which you can select and it will paste the link and that should be it.

I believe you can also press and hold the address and a box opens with a few options, one of which will be select all, and then it will highlight the address and another box will open with a few options, one of which will be copy. Then again you come to your message here and hold on the screen where you want to insert the link and a box opens with paste which you press and it should paste the link.

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Have a Happy Birthday.. Sounds great, beautiful place, stunning scenery!


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