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Good morning a bit about me

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My name is Debbie I'm 48, I have C.O.P.D and asthma, not doing too good at the moment went too doctors finding it hard to breath especially when I start to do any exercise even walking. Doc sent me for x ray and put me on steroids. But not doing much, well that's life I suppose that is what happens when you have COPD. Anyway my greatest love is my dog, ceaser he is a German shepherd. And you might find this strange I built my own pond and know keep koi fish and they to are wonderful, I have also had the opportunity to half own Oscar ahuge old carthorse of a horse with a tremendous personality not very ridable but great company. I'm I don't know what to say. He he, please ask. Love Debbie

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Welcome Debbie hope you feel better soon I have a pond and koi carp ,yesterday horror my water fall had stopped my friend was here when she looked all 6of the fish were on their side gaspin g for breathe she quickly found the filter box was leaking thus emptying the pond

So pleased my friend was here to rescue my fish !

Take care


Welcome Debbie, do you have any other symptoms of a possible chest infection? IE coloured sputum?

Hi Debbie and welcome, sorry to hear your struggling, but envious of your horse! I've had horses on and off all my life, sadly had to let them go last year as I felt I could no longer look after them properly. You are young so should get many years of pleasure from him/her. I miss mine every day Copd has a lot to answer for! You take care xx

Welcome Debbie, I hope you start to feel better at least you have your animals to keep you going.

Hi Debbie nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Any questions or any problems just let us know and we will do our best to help. x

hi Debbie welcome to the site , There has been a lot of us struggling with breathing for last week or so the weather hasn't been helping . You will find a lot of us on here are animal lovers too.

Hope you find something out from the x-ray and that eventually the steroids do you some good.

All the best



Hi Debbie

Welcome to the site. Sorry your having so much trouble. Hope the x-ray helps get you breathing better. I have to say, I love German shepherds! Hope we get to see a photo. If you have any questions, we'll be glad to try to help you out.


Hi Debbie,my name is sharie I'm 46 have copd,I'm struggling with Everything as well ,I have horses also and a dog I'm on a property my doctor at the asthma clinic told me I should not be around my animals I was shattered because that's what I enjoy had to go back to my GP and ask the question do I have to get rid of my animals ,he just said to me wear a mask because of the dust I'm not ready to let them go yet I can still ride and feed thesm hay gets to me I just wear mask ,they are coming up with new treatments you just keep your chin up and get back to your gp and ask about trying something else deb what is your fev1..

Hi Debbie

Welcome to the site. I'm 57 and have COPD as well as lung cancer so breathing is a major issue for me on a daily basis. Like you I'm an animal lover having two Labradors and my faithful old cat who always manages to find my lap!

My little pond well what can I say has little frogs who leap out every now and again leaPing across the shingle before hiding behind plant pots ha ha!

I hope you get a lot of comfort from this site as I do. Carole xx

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