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I have copd question

I am at a loss about my copd. I am not on oxegyn, but I have went to the er many times this year this last time I was short of breath with chest pain. I try to help mom and dad with things and I so wanted to finish cleaning mamas house I knew I had this twinge in my chest the day before while cleaning her wood floors, I used no chemicals just white Vinegar, I feel like I am running a marathon doing anything at all.

I still push myself to finish things and just try to be the me I am. I am so frustrated. I have put on weight

which I know ads to my shortness of breath, but I don't know what to do, I am busy to exhaustion but I don't eat that much, I know what I eat is no no's . I just found out now I have to go on a cardiac diet.........

I need to learn to cook the right kind of foods but now I am so worried I will loose my breath, I feel like I am smothering at times and now when I do small things like wash dishes or vacuum or mop I break out into a cold sweat and shake,,,,,,,,,,,,,,feeling so depressed and overwhelmed

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I think the best thing you can do is make am appointment with your GP & explain all about your symptoms. Are you on any medication? Preventer inhalers eg? I'm not a doctor but I feel you need expert help to control your COPD. Don't worry or struggle on alone, help is there if you ask for it. First thing in the morning make that call! Hope all goes well for you 🌷


Hiya Liz. I agree with Happytochat. You need expert help and you need it now. Ask your GP about a Pulmonary Rehab Program or at least a referral to a Respiratory Nurse ASAP. Things can be sorted out fairly quickly. I think you just need to know the path to follow. Thinking of you. Fingers crossed. Gerald.


So sorry to hear how you are struggling, Liz52. Which country do you live in? It could make a difference to the suggestions people can make which might help you.

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Hi, I can't add anything to the good advice you've been given but, you mentioned white vinegar.

I bought a spray bottle of it and it attacked my breathing straight away. I'll never use it again.

It sounds like you are trying to do too much, are stressed out and not eating properly. The Docter should help you out.

I hope you feel better soon. xx

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Hi Liz, having oxygen would not help with shortness of breath. You need to stop. Preferably stand behind a chair and place you hand on each corner of the back. Breathing deeply and then breath out slowly. Keep repeating getting deeper breaths and slower more relaxed exhales. Your pulse will slow down and put less stress on your heart and your breathing will return to normal too.

Take life a bit slower and you will be around to help them for longer ☺

Regards Rib


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