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Pulmonary embolisms (PE's)

Gosh I hope I spelt that correctly?

I have had PE's several times, large and multiple in both lungs... Each time afterwards the recovery seems to be getting harder.

Does anyone have any advice or tips to help with my recovery? I am trying to be more active, and mobile... Yes this is an issue with osteoarthrs in my left knee.

I have been trying to go swimming, well more arm movements than leg in the water! It's just that I am still out of breathe.

I am still taking (indefinitely) heprin injections daily due to being not so mobile. I know getting any kind of health back will take a long time.

Thank you 😊

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As you know from my previous replies, I had PEs and — you don't want to know this — I did not fully recover. But the body is amazing and will do its damnedest to sort it out. It has a built-in system for clot-busting and immediately gets busy dissolving the clots. I assume you are still breathless. Are you coughing blood? How many months is it since the last episode of acute PEs? It can take a few months to recover but there should be steady progress and you should start to feel better. it is extremely unusual not to make a full recovery from PEs. 98% of patients who get acute PEs make a full recovery. So it is only 2% who don't. Youth is on your side as well. As always. (Deep sigh) Us oldies have it all stacked against us…

I am sure activity is good as it improves everything in the body, blood, heart and airways.

Little steps at a time.

Love and hugs

K xx

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Thanks for commenting Katinka46 .... Yes I am still breathless, not coughing anything up. It's been about 3 weeks since my last lot when I was hospitalised. Yes I was thinking little steps... Slowly does it. I just have to let my body heal now I guess.

Thank you 😊


Hello Happy smiles

I tried to look back on the masses of replies you had on previous, to see if there were any that could help you.

They have all disappeared.

Velvet xx


Velvet55 yes I deleted them all.... I think it's easier if I just comment in one place, no cross over or confusion then. I am sorry I lost all the comments as people took time to reply to me.. But I think it best this way as it will help me not to repeat myself I think.


Have you thought about tai chi I practise regularly it does not help you keep fit, or lose weight but certainly helps suppleness and promotes a feeling of well being. I you look up she bashi tai chi it tells you how to do it ;-)


Starveycat, I have often thought of this.... I will check this out more I think. YouTube must have some help? I cannot get out so attending a club would not work... Oooh could maybe look for a book? Or is it something you need to be shown first?

Thank you 😊


I love youtube theres a great video for breathing exercise I've done every morning (practically) for 8 weeks now and what a difference its made to my health. I could barely move when I started having a degenerative spine, too soon moved up to 5 min aerobic ex (but put my back out). still kept up the breathing and a bike exercise. After 8 weeks I feel blooming great.



If you Google shi bashi tai chi there are lots to choose from all showing how to do it in various forms. If it hurts do not do it but pick the one that suits you. You can moderate the movements if you cannot stand, but just take it easy and do not more than you are capable of, you have to build up slowly good luck :-)


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