Getting the best from your doctor

This is a second attempt to ask for your help with this - the link didn't work the first time round

We’re starting a review of our information about how you can get the best from your doctor.

It’s online here:

Do let us know what you think! Please send us any tips you’d like to add that have worked for you.

Is there anything we’ve missed out? For example, should the information cover access to your records?

If you are interested in helping, please let us know your views by going to:



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Sorry Mark first link worked, but second link page not found 404 error.

Must try harder🐵🙈🙉

Second link should work now - I hope

Same here. 2nd link 404.

Second link should work now - I hope

Looks fine to me but perhaps consider suggesting giving feedback to your GP if you think they have been particularly helpful. So many people complain more quickly than they praise and it must be demoralising for GPs. But then, I am very fortunate in being with an excellent practice and have nothing to complain about.

I liked the page about getting the best out of your doctor. It will help me focus on preparing for the meeting before I go.

Looks good to me. Should have something about being able to ask for records and access to records.

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