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Hi, its been quite a few days since my last posting. I have still been very sick . The drs changed antibiotics when I got out if hospital last week and ever since then i had been feeling worse. Been on 60 mg/ day of prednisone and decrease tomorrow . 3 days ago I decided to go back to the original stringer antibiotic that I still had at home. I am feeling better now so I saw my primary yesterday who agreed on the antibiotic change! I haven't not been able to work much at all in last 3 wks sadly. I am trying to feel well enough to start packing . I live in my brothers house who informed me the day I hit out of hospital that he was selling and buying a smaller house for me to live in. So, move out on 8/29! Thankfully I have a great church family that has been helping me!

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That is a bit of a blow having to move. Glad the antibiotic change has worked for you. Hope you soon feel well enough to start packing/work. it is so good to hear that you have your "church family" to help you.

Good Luck.




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