Healthcare professional needed for questionnaire, Masters by Research project, thanks

Healthcare professional needed for questionnaire, Masters by Research project, thanks

I need a healthcare professional to do a quick questionnaire response to 5 simple questions for a Masters by Research project, 15 minutes should be all it takes, thank you. Please feel free to pass this onto a healthcare professional that would be happy to help with this research project.

Please email me the questionnaire once its complete –

Click here to download the questionnaire -

Click here to try the demo, use Firefox and there might be a 3mb Unity plugin -

Click here to download the Asthma Medical Simulation - (Once downloaded, right click and extract, then double click the WebPlayer)

Here is a video of the prototype in action.

The project is a medical informatics tool that works through a web browser and as a standalone product. By exploring the effects of looking inside a 3D simulated human body might help the public relate to the damaging health related effects of many issues such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, heavy drinking, AIDS/HIV, smoking, poor life style choices and many more heath related aliment’s.

As part of a research project I have been asked to user test the medical browser on some medical healthcare workers.

After submission of my Thesis I will optimize the memory size of the product for the web browser version and then expand on the Ailments. The project will be open source and non profit but first I need to finish my Thesis studies before embarking on more research projects. I would be happy to talk further about the product if you have any ideas.

The results back from Asthma suffers have been positive and now I would like to expand on those results.

Best Wishes,

Neil Gallagher

P.S. I have been verified by the moderators Phil and Vesa to post this thread, I also have Ethics clearance and a Protocal number and I show up on the University of Hertfordshire website as a staff member -

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Hi Neil Don't forget to mention that you have got the approval for your post from BLF and HU

I will wait for confirmation from HU and BLF before deciding whether or not to fill your form in.

I suggest we all do the same. A name on a website link is not enough.

Perhaps I am being over cautious, but we have had this sort of thing before.

After all you can't feed an old chicken with chaff!


I understood that Neil had gone through all the formalities of being an approved researcher. BLF and HU should have advised us that he had passed 'the test' and it was a legitimate post. Not his fault in any way.

Well said Sokrackers.

If you don't trust it why read it? You should just ignore it if you are in any doubt.


just to confirm for anyone concerned, Neil has been given approval for this post!

As this particular part of his research is for health professionals, rather than patients, we think this sort of platform is suitable.

As always, drop me a message if you wish to discuss this further!

Best wishes,

So why wasn't his approval publicised before he posted? It would have avoided any issues if you let us know it was a legitimate post. Neil went through the correct chanels and his approval should been recognised to save any doubt in his legitimacy.

Neil I have forwarded on your post to those I know I think may be able to help. God bless you in your pursuit to help us.

Always Sokrackers

@ Sokrakers "Neil I have forwarded on your post to those I know I think may be able to help." thank you.

@Vesa, thanks for your help.

Very interesting indeed. Good for you and good luck with your thesis.

Apologies for the BLF police responses above! It takes all sorts to make up a forum.

I'm no longer a healthcare professional otherwise I'd be glad to reply to the questions (as an asthma sufferer).

Best, Peege

I've completed the form - still working part time as a Dietitian. The model ap describing asthma was very good.

@Eregendal, thank you very much.

@peege, thank you for your kind words

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