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Hi, my first post! I am only 56 yrs old diagnosed with persistent severe asthma ,and 1.5 yrs ago mild copd. Now new lung dx of bronchiectesis. I just came home yesterday from hospital with dx copd exasperation. Was there 2 days . guess I did too much at home today because I could not walk 6 ft without labored breathing and total exhaustion. So, I went back to the er just to have them send me home few hrs later.chest x-ray and labs were ok. I hate to think this will now be my life ! I still have a job I'm trying to keep! How do you all do it????

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You should have been given a reliever inhaler to take when you have an exacerbation of your condition and a preventer to take - usually twice a day to try and prevent an exacerbation. Do you have these? Usually once your condition is under control with these inhalers you can cope with everyday life and work as before. I have severe asthma and was diagnosed in 2010 with bronchiectasis in one lung but it is mild and no further action was taken then. Now the bronchiectasis is in the bottom of the other lung as well but again still considered mild and hardly shows on a HRCT Scan. My specialist has still not said this requires any special treatment so as long as the productive cough keeps going this should keep my airways clear. I have consulted with a private respiratory physiotherapist about mucus removal because of the bronchiectasis and have breathing exercises to do. That may be a good idea for you but ask your lung specialist first. You may want to find out if your asthma has an allergy component as this is the time when that kicks in and this can cause an exacerbation probably of asthma and copd. You will find out what your triggers are and learn to work around them athough being young I am 55 so consider myself still young and active, we often carry on regardless and do too much. Hard to pace yourself when you are feeling well and end up doing too much and ill the next day or during the night - don't I know it! Take things easier for a while.

From your post I realise you live in the US am I right? Whereabouts? We have grandsons in Gainesville, Florida and friends in Michigan and have visited Northern California frequently - we love Lake Tahoe it is one of those places that just "gets you" the minute you arrive.

Hope this has been a help to you.



Wow! Thank you for your reply ! Yes s, I need to get a relief inhaled when not at home,otherwise is neb txs . I am seeing primary today. Called work to tell them would not be in this week. I just will have to learn to accept help and know when to stop! Yes, I live in US.actually in Florida but I lived also in northern California an hour from lake Tahoe ! I loved it but was so sick had to move closer to family. I was a hiker,backpacked 5 days in the sierras ! My love is nature and hiking!


cnatureqd, A very warm welcome to this site. I have bronchiectasis and had it since 1994.

Well, you will learn not to get too anxious about it.

Has your GP referred you to a consultant who can follow you up? Ask your GP to refer you to a Pulmonary nurse team. The nurses are extraordinary because they seem to understand far better the "nitty gritty" of our condition. I can phone mine when I feel anxious , short of breath, coughing up too much etc.

To maintain yourself, ask your doc for some sputum pots, so when an infection comes about, you can do a sample of mucus to be tested and the right drug can be prescribed. Also ask if you can have some antibiotics and Prednisolone as a Preventative pack, so when you have something coming, you can start at least with the Prednisolone to increase your lung capacity, then be able to phone the pulmonary nurse, GP or consultant for a consultation.

If you are not too tired after work, try to do some exercises of the following type:

Exercises, in a gentle form, is vital to maintain your lung function.

I hope this helps a bit. Mic


Loved the exercise only have to remember them


Rona, Draw them with your best coloured pencils and pin them on the walls, cupboards, as a reminder! Mic


That's a great idea about the sputum pots! I will ask today. I have a "health coach" from my life insurance company. She knows me well from last 6 mos. I have called when unsure if to go to the ER. Thank for sending the goods exercise video.


cnatureqd, I'm glad you have a good health coach. What part of the US is this?

We a good spirit, you should be able to improve your condition. Mic


I live in florida. 8 mos of year is hot and humid. Most people like the weather. I'm here because all my family's here! I gave 2 grandson s 3 and 4 yrs old! I have to be very careful now not to be near when they have sniffles !??? They are my life rt now! This am my primary( I actually work with him 1 day a week so he knows me professionally ! ) he increased prednisone from 40 mg/day to 60 mg/day. Just so we can move from room to room inside home! I am sorry your wife has been ill. I could not even imagine.


Natural-QD, That is so fantastic to have such a big family.

The US system is different from the British one where you have to worry about paying this insurance. I lived my youth in Brussels where there was a similar payment to the insurance and you got a third back of the fees youpay your doctor when you see him/her.

yeah, my poor wife has schi\ophrenia. She can be very frightened by her own voices which tells her,say, that her brother who lives in Australia has been thrown in a south African jail and is tortured there - nothing like that, but she has such vivid visions and voices that it terrorise her. I watch helpless.

Thanks for enquiring, Mic


Get as much help as you possibly can with the right meds, exercise gently, support from GP etc. and take one day at a time. You will get there and live a good life. xx

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Exercise definitely helps even if you don't feel up to it ... you have to push yourself to do it as it does make a difference .... and getting the right information too from your doctor too many people are wrongly mis diagnosed .. getting on the correct medication for you is really important too as not all meds work the same way for everyone.

Hope you get everything sorted and dont be afraid to stand up for yourself.


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