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Hi all, a while back i paid for a health download from an American nutritionist and now get bombarded with newsletters and sales pitches from various U.S. health practitioners. Besides trying to sell me stuff, they also send out useful info now and again and I just got one about Vit A and thought i'd post it, since we've had so much about the (supposed?) benefits of Vit A posted onto the site before.


Hope the link works but copy and paste if not.

Basically its a warning against taking too much since there's been new (I think) research that, unlike Vit D, Vitamin A can compromise your immune system. There is a link in the article to the National Institutes for Health which gives correct daily amount to take but advises to get as much as possible from your food. Don't know though whether as many of us are older folks we may have difficulty absorbing it from food.

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  • Im afraid thats how the marketing works now days, best to stay clear of them all, otherwise they will never leave you alone, you will finish up having to change your email address, or phone numbers, depending on what information thay have on you. its there less expensive way of getting to you.

  • As with everything we should get what we can from our food. These days we can buy all veg and fruit all year round so this should be easier but when you are ill it is not so easy is it? I saw a programme some time ago - it may very well have been "Trust me I am a Doctor" Which showed that you could take extra vitamins but if your body had enough they just passed out through urine etc. Though obviously not all do and can cause problems. If we all eat a well balanced diet and if we find it hard to eat then a little and often is far better than 3 bigger meals. Always easier said than done though.

  • Hi freefaller

    I love that program.

    I think that is the case for water soluble vitamins but those vitamins like vitamin A are fat soluble and can build up in the liver, kidney and the lungs etc and cause further problems.

    I try to eat a healthy diet but am taking a digestive enzyme to maximize my nutrition.

    Just about to watch last night's episode - I always learn something.


  • Hi SK, what is the digestive enzyme you're taking? I really need to top up the benefits of my own nutrition. Be good to know.

    How are you these days? Ive had a few problems and not been around much. I hope you're ok, :)

  • Hi O2

    Yes I have missed you!

    I wasn't sure if, like some members, you were taking some time off - I hope things turn around and things settle down.

    I take a full spectrum digestive enzyme (H & B).

    I put up a post 'Trust me I'm a doctor' but it got black pudding bombed. It included a link to the program which I found very interesting on supplements and how some brands did not include ANY of the supplement they were advertising!

    I'm currently packing up the house ready to move - my vitamins & supplements have their own packing box! I hate throwing things out.

    So I hope you are well and thanks for the post - taking supplements when our health is already compromised is a minefield. I often think of poor Meganelle who got rather ill for weeks after taking vitamin A.


  • You know what I usually learn from that programme? That usually what my Gran said was correct - I know they didn't know why it was true they just knew and had been passed down from Mother to daughter, and now they are paying Universities thousands to do the scientific research to prove it. Most of what was in last nights episode about fat and heating fat I was told by an old chef (I say old he was probably younger than I am now!) when I was in University back in the 80's doing Catering and Institutional Management. Funny how things go around. The frozen vegetable thing was going the rounds in the 1970's and now we know it is true frozen veg can contain more vitamins than so called fresh. How much of our veg has sat in the supermarket for days and in a warehouse before that? Having said that I rather fresh veg as it is hard to cook frozen veg and keep it al dente as we like it.

    Unless we are told we have a deficiency by a Doctor - not some quack doing tests in a transit van in M&S Car Park and that we need to up our intake or take supplements then I believe we shouldn't. Generally our bodies know what we need and we crave food that contains it - we should listen to our bodies



  • Funny I was making a corned beef pie for my daughter's work yesterday and asked a random lady age early 40s if it would be too odd to put some sweet potato in (one sweet potato can give us our full dose of vitamin A) decided against it not everyone is adventurous. But she went on to say she couldn't find a TIN of mixed carrot & peas???? I suggested frozen mixed veg. I wonder what goodness and salt is in tinned veg?

    Eat well and be healthy


  • OH Corned Beef Pie - I love it! Apparently tinned veg can have more fibre but as for anything else not sure now - would have to search internet and find a reliable sourse of details. No. not everyone is adventurous - think one sweet potato would be OK though - bet they would hardly notice it. We do a blackbean soup/casserole type thing with rounds of sweet potato dredged in cinnamon and shallow fried in a small amount of oil - scrumptious! I now par boil the sweet potatoes first. The black bean soup is just black beans, with peppers onions and any other things you want to put in .

  • It isn't a vitamin I take, but the information is certainly helpful...

  • 1 400 mg cod liver oil capsule will give you your daily A & D vitimins, there is no need to take A and D vitimins as well.

  • I've never dared post this before as I don't have a link or remember where I read it BUT ... I saw once that ex smokers or anyone who is at any risk at all of lung cancer should not take vitamin A without medical advice. It definitely scared me out of the idea.

  • I didn't know that piggi - very interesting, thanks for that.

  • Hi piggi

    I found this article interesting


    We already have compromised health we don't want to jepordise it any more.

    Take care


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