BT cut our internet connection but back with plusnet now!

Hi all,

Think I have caught up with all that has been happening in the last few days. We were changing from BT to PlusNet supposedly today at midnight - or is that tomorrow? Anyway BT cut us off yesterday morning. So glad to be away from them. Called PlusNet and they seem to have been able to get us online a little earlier than they agreed. Hope they continue with such good service for the rest of the contract.

Hope you are all "breathing easy" - or easier and enjoying the sunshine.



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  • PlusNet is owned by BT. Best of luck!

  • So far they haven't asked us to fill in a form online. if they do will not do it unless they can confirm that they have better security. thanks

  • I've been with Plusnet for years. Great service.

  • Hi I too changed from BT to Plusnet even though it is a part of BT it is far far better I have had no trouble with them at all. My bills too are alot cheaper, I think you will be very happy with them x

  • We changed from BT to Talktalk much better service x

  • We consideered TalkTalk and can't remember why we didn't go with them.

  • Hi Sian, phew that was close. Not nice to be cut off like that but glad you are now back up and running, internet wise at least.

    Lovely day here today so will try and get Pete up and out to enjoy the sunshine. Hope you have a good day.

    Take care. xxxxx

  • It was lovely here too yesterday 3 loads of washing dried but have the ironing to do this morning!

  • Me too! x

  • What's ironing? lol

  • Ha! Wish I could break myself of the habit but can't. Do as little as I can and some of my friends still do everything - towels, socks etc. At least I don't do that just blouses, shirts, trousers and bedding. So two sheets, a blouse and pair of trousers to do this time. Still wasting time on here and not doing it is much better!

  • Obviously I used to do it FF, but with todays materials I find that hardly anything needs it. I used to do my Grandson's uniform shirts when he lived here, but I've never been like some people who'd iron the cat if it stood still long enough!

    Have a nice day. XX

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