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I have just been reading through the daily newsletter and I think it is high time someone congratulated everyone on here. There isn't one person who asks for advice who isn't given it; there isn't anyone who is unhelpful; you are all absolutely amazing people. Believe me, I am not trying to get anything "out of you", I simply think you all deserve praise. Thank you for being there.

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  • Well the exception to that is the odd one who comes in screaming and shouting and those that back them up.....

  • Right on Cough!

    Well said. Couldn't have put it better myself. 😊


  • Oh dear sorry etchington, it wasn't meant to be. Welcome to the site and nice to meet you. All online sites have a bit of bother from time to time but we have very little here thank goodness. :) Please don't let my remark put you off. x

  • I know there's been occasions on here when a troll has run amuck annoying people - don't take any notice. And occasionally I think someone gets really panicky about their illness - sometimes it's pretty serious after all. Posts can get a bit stressed and things flare up a bit, but there is a moderator and there are community guidelines and the atmosphere on here IS amazingly positive and kind overall - I agree with juney.

  • It doesn't matter where we go, or what we do, there's usually someone who will try and spoil things for others. I just try and ignore them. The majority of members here are wonderful and extremely helpful. So please don't be put off etchington. xx

  • Hear hear poems. x

  • Welcome etchington. There loads of lovely people on here, always ready to help. It is a godsend as they know and understand what you arè going through xx

  • Juney, Thank you. We like doing it! It's a booster to our selves to help people with our comments! Mic

  • What a lovely post Juney.


  • Cheque,s in the post Juney lol! 💐 👏🏽 💐

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