It does not look that far!

While in Torquay we decided to try a fish restaurant we found on the web while researching. It was on a bus route so my newly acquired disability bus pass would be useful. It was a lovely evening with pleasant sea breeze tickling our faces. After waiting some time and not a bus to be seen my wife decided it might be an idea to walk to the restaurant. "We have loads of time" Well after surveying how many seats there were on the way I was tentative to the task but was willing to give it a try. I did quite well on the first leg but as we moved from bench to bench it was a longer rest in between stages. At no point did a single taxi or bus go by to save me. Well once we had got to three quarter the way on the bench by the bust stop we would of got off on a bus came! "It did not look this far did it?" My reply was "Yes it did" I had to remind myself we are on holiday so stopped any further comments.

Suffice to say we got there in the end and the meal was up to the reviews and more. But we got a taxi back to the hotel.

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  • Offcut - Oh that does remind me of Dubai Airport. The times I have been there and the walk from the plane never got shorter! My husband liked to stretch his legs after landing (keen walker here) and would walk. I used to watch the buggies flash by. But the thought at the time of my daughter seeing me in a wheel chair. Such vanity. X

  • If in any doubt, have a taxi, is my own personal motto...

    It was a good meal though? What did you have?

  • Cod and chips but it was divine.

  • There's a fish and chip restaurant in Dublin...from memory I think it's on O'Connell street...called Beshoff's. Not sure of spelling...their cod and chips are totally perfect...crispy proper chips and cod straight from the ocean...can't beat them especially when you're really hungry.

  • When it is fresh it cannot be beaten

  • Hi Offcut, which fish n chip shop did you go to? I live in Paignton just down the road from Torquay. Jan x

  • On the Rocks and Rockfish. The best place we eat at was Ocean Drive.

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