Swinging 60's

I have just posted this on another thread, but thought it may bring back some happy memories for some of you. Please feel free to share your memories, it should make some interesting reading.

Hee Hee

I was there with the best of them,

Mini skirts, long boots, long straight hairstyle Back combed of course, and that was just for school !! ( much to my mum and dads disgust )

Hot pants and Cat suits for the evening ( much to my mum and dads disgust )

Mods and Rockers, I was a bit of both...loved the mods dress sense while bombing around on the back of my boyfriend's motorbike. ( much to my mum and dads disgust )

Hippies and flower power. Bring it on.....( Much to my mum and dads disgust )

Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who the list goes on... all played at full volume in my bedroom ( much to my mum and dads disgust )

My first car. A little mini. I drove to fast ( much to my mum and dads disgust )

Oh yes I was there. Done it and got the T shirt. Fantastic Happy Days.

I must add in case you get the wrong impression, I had the most fantastic parents, who were there for me all my life and who I loved dearly.

I still have my dad, he's an 89 year old rebel who lives life to the full, After all these years I have finally realised who I took after !!!

Nostalgic Velvet xx

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  • Oh gosh......white lipstick

    Max factor panstick foundation

    Solid block of mascara with false eyelashes

    No wonder my parents complained....mind you my 95 year old mother still gives me disapproving looks and I have ditched the 60s makeup.

  • The solid mascara that you spat on to moisten it !!!...I remember it well.

    Velvet xx

  • Small 14" tartan mini skirt (my husband called it more of a belt but he liked it) mick jagger, wearing a kaftan & looking sexy, fresh cream cake (for the very first time ) butlins at Skegness on day passes, lots of social groups, pub lunches, chicken or scampi in a basket. Dad disapproved of women wearing trousers, loud music anf for some reason space travel. Mum danced with us... a feeling of optimism, expansion, things were definetely getting better, a different time to today. Love Margaret x

  • Hi Margaret

    Butlins at Skeggie, My first holiday with three of my friends was spent there. I was only 16...I had the time of my life. Oh how we laughed. We were housed in a crappy old chalet, not that we spent much time in there ! I've been on many a five star holiday all over the world since, but happy memories of that holiday at Butlins are priceless.

    Velvet xx

  • Ah lovely days. I did the mini skirts too and the kaftans. I wore flared jeans and multi coloured clothes. Remember hot pants?

    All the wonderful tv programmes too - Top of the Pops with Cathy Macgowan playing the records, Juke Box Jury - remember Janice Nichols the Brummie who always gave it foive :) Thank you Lucky Stars and so on. Star Trek with Captain Kirk, I galloped round the galaxy with him.

    I was a huge Beatles fan and loved the Stones, Dylan, The Monkees (I was only 13), Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Gerry and the Pacemakers and ad infinitum....

    Great post thanks for putting it up. x

  • Cathy Macgowan...That was my hairstyle for many a year...no hair straighteners then, just the iron and brown paper !!

    Velvet xx

  • hi velvet you used an iron to straighten your hair lol


  • In those days It was the only way Tam, mind you I don't know why I bothered as to this day I haven't got a curl on my head

    Velvet xx

  • Yes.....laying your hair over the ironing board, covering with brown paper and get someone to iron it.

    Now mine has morphed into grey curls all by itself...I blame the medication!

    I used to sit in the bath wearing my jeans to shrink them to fit too. My friend used a chemical, which I shan't name, in the bath to get a fake tan. It's a wonder we are still here

  • I remember shrinking my jeans, think it was in my ' Rocker 'days..

    Velvet xx

  • That has certainly brought back lots of memories. Oh to be back in the sixties, they really were the good old days xx

  • Hi Lyn

    Great days to be a teenager in. The young today don't realise their grandparents really have been there, done it, and paved the way for them !!

    Velvet xx

  • Slathering yourself in baby oil to get a sun tan...lol

  • Great memories for us all.😊 You guys pretty much covered all the fun stuff.

    I always thought the roaring 20's, would have been a fun period also.


  • Hi Ruby the charston looked good fun for us in the UK but didn't you guys over the pond have the rise of the gangsters, prohibition and the wall street crash...gosh I am getting a kill joy.

    Velvet xx

  • I shrank my jeans by wearing them in the bath, then I unpicked the seams above my ankles on one side, then sewed them up when I put them on.

    I got stuck on the floor when we all sat cross legged during a lesson. My friends had to help me up!

    I adored the Beatles almost to the exclusion of all others. Later I discovered Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and Rod Stewart. My hot pants were baby pink, I had a white see through lace dress. Also a lovely black one, short with lacey sleeves.

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