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Managing COPD Panic Attacks

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Great article jackdup and very relevant to people with copd.

I'm prone to these attacks already as I do get a bit worked up if I feel breathless, which at the present time, is only on over exertion.

This will remind me next time it happens. Thanks for posting. xx


it is difficult to control but it is possible i have been in hospital twice this year with exacerbations they taught me breathing techniques to help panic attacks my advice would be to contact your pulmonary care team who will be a big help


Thanks for that Jackdup, very informative and some good links.

Velvet xx


My nan used to get panic attacks when she was having bad episodes. We found that directing a fan towards her face helped.


I am so glad, that I am not alone, with having Panic Attacks. They were so bad at one time that I wouldn't go anywhere, no holidays, no staying over at friends houses, not going out socially. I have suffered with them for 12 years, at one time I used to dread nighttime coming , because that is when most of my attacks happen. I have received ,counselling, cbt therapy, none of which helped me. They are the most horrendous things to suffer from, I literally thought I was going to die, and that just made the panic worse. The only thing that works for me is Diazapam, Ido not take them regularly, only when I can feel an anxiety attack coming on, if you like its a quick fix! But it works and at last I have started going out, and have booked a holiday, life is worth living now😀 I have emphasemia stage 4, and being sob is my main problem, unfortunately the Diazapam won't cure that.


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