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I have this sharp stabbing pain in my ribs on the left hand side of my body. I have had this for a month now and it comes every now and than, mainly when I'm in a car for a while. I went to see my Doctor last month and she said it was a muscles strain but I don't think strains last this long.It a month past now still getting worse. I went back again to see the Doctor yesterday and a xray was done. Still waiting for my result. Can anyone knows the reason of the sharp pain ?

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  • I had a sharp soreness in my left spare rib for about a year or more, which has improved with using inhalers. It was caused by my diaphragm struggling to move my lower rib cage to breathe. After I started to take the inhalers the whole of my left rib cage hurt for a while as it started to move more normally again, but now it has settled down.

  • Hi I wish I knew, I twisted awkwardly months ago and caused a sudden sharp chest pain. An X-ray showed no rib fracture, but then the pain seemed to spread...the pharmacist thought it was because I was compensating and using other chest muscles.

    Six visits later to the nurse or GP I had another X Ray last week and now I have to wait another week for the result. Driving makes my pain worse ...I think because of the twisting movement.

    I have broken a rib in the past and that took months for the pain to go.

    I know it's partly my fault because I have tried to do things I shouldn't mowing the lawn ...but now that hurts too much.

    I googled intercostal muscle pain...can take up to six week or even more to heal.

    Good luck with your results

  • I have had the occasional sharp pain in my left rib area, I think it might be inhalers that affect the muscles in my chest, or at least I hope it is.

  • Sometimes Costochondritis doesn't go away Knitter. I get it intermittently. Not there all the time, just for a few days at a time.

  • Me too, sometimes it is there for a few days or weeks, then disappears again, then back again. Costochondritis inflammation I expect. x

  • It does sound like a muscle strain, but, if it is constant pain and it is not getting better, I would go back to your GP.

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