George wants a biscuit!

George wants a biscuit!

I took this photo yesterday. As I was find the walk a bit much, (hay fever and tight chest), I stopped to sit on a bench. George insisted on staying with me. Tonight I got wheezy again so Dad put his lead on while I went to wait in the car. He said George kept looking back though. I did feel bad about that.

Yesterday, he had a good nose around the bottom of the big oak tree. He greeted dogs when they came past, then got their ball. He was a good boy though and gave them back. One of the owners threw it for him a couple of times.

He does like a biscuit so I carry some Lilly's kitchen ones in a mustard tin. Also a bottle of water and plastic pot. Here he is giving me the puppy dog eyes. He was so happy the rain had stopped. He doesn't mind getting his undercarriage and paws wet, but hates being rained on.

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Sorry to hear your having such a problem with wheezing. Your inhalers don't help it? That a wonderful photo of George. Such a little gentleman, wanting to stay with his mommy.😊

Feel better


He looks so cute sorry you couldn't walk him. I have 2 yorkies and if I don't feel well my oldest one won't let anyone else hold her lead she keeps pulling back. Oh dear dogs :) x

Hi Azure, lovely to see George, Ollie doesn't like getting wet either. Walking is hard work, in very hot or cold weather isn't it & like you I seem to be reacting to all sorts of stuff. Ollie will walk with people other than us but he likes to herd us together. My first dog , would not leave me though.

At one time, Dave was away & I damaged my ankle, mum used to try and walk him. He was eager for the collar, lead & raced out of the door with her but once he reached the end of the front garden, he would turn and look back for me, refusing to move until mum returned him.

Hope you feel better soon and you and George,s life returns to normal. Love Margaret x

Hello Azure and George, what a lovely picture, I hope you are feeling less wheezy, the next few days there will be a high pollen count and very warm so take care, keep cool, hugs huff xx

Thank you very much for your kind comments. Love AS xxx

Oh Azure, this is so sweet. I love your story.

When I had a dachshund ("sausage dog") called Socrates, you only had to say "B ..." and he would bark and ask for it. Dogs are clever and tehy know how to touch us deeply.


George seems to know what I am thinking before I speak!

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