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Sleep Study result

So I had my sleep study result today. Even though I felt like I slept for 15 minutes I did infact sleep for 5.5 hours.

I was told the test was entirely normal. My AHI (apnea index) was 2.8, that's awakenings per hour. Abnormal is over 5 and bad cases are far higher 20+ I was told today.

My oxygen sats dropped to 90 a number of times in advance of these awakenings. 90 was my lowest during sleep. Abnormal is <89.

I hate having anything borderline. Why couldn't it be 92....

As I wake gasping at 3am I'll be confident of one thing, I don't have sleep apnea 😄

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Some good news is better than none I suppose ! :)


I'm not even bothering with all that old stit ,the more I do my nebulizer the longer I sleep ,it makes sence !


Well at least you know that you dont have sleep apnea. Perhaps that in itself will help you sleep better! My husband is the same some nights he wakes up gasping for breath too. xxx


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