Hi hy huband hasC.O.P.D and emphysema he dose not cope very well with it he had it now for quiet a while he keeps getting a bad pain in his back between his shoulder blades I told to se doctor but all he saids it a go I feel for him as he s trying so hard to carry on as normal but slower he s 59y old I hate seeing him like this all so how do we know what stage he at thank u

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  • Spirometry is the only way to track Stage and Progression of this situation.

  • Hi he should get a 6 monthly or at least an annual review by the copd nurse at his surgery (I presume you are from the UK). This should include a spirometry test which will show his lung function etc. He should ask the results and also what stage he is at. There are 4/5 stages from mild to moderate, severe and very severe. He can ring up and get them over the phone.

    I admire him for carrying on but it does sound like he is in denial. He needs to take his lungs very seriously as exacerbations (worsening of his symptoms) can further damage them. This pain he has got is probably nothing but he has to go and get it checked out just in case. x

  • Yes beeperoni is correct this was a peak and flow test which is more useful for asthma.

    Is your husband taking his meds? x

  • Yes he on streroids two inhalers cybrocistine for phlegm breakup and antibiotics when needed and he has spirometer reading every 6m

  • Not sure what you mean by that, but he should be on 1/2 inhalers which open his airways for up to 12 hours and are called preventers ie symbicort, Spiriva etc. He should also have a reliever for use as and when needed ie blue ventolin inhaler. Does he have those and does he use them? x

  • Yes he has both one he has to use twice a day and the blue one when he needs it plus his medication and yes he dose use them He also got streroids and antibiotics in reserved always plus tablets to break up his phlegm which he takes twice a day x

  • Thank u he did spirometer last week it was 120 and the nurse said it should be 550 for his weight but did not say what stage he was at

  • I believe your husband blew into a peak flow meter, which is not the same as the spirometey test. The peak flow meter measures liters only from one single short blow.

  • As I said he not talk a lot about it to his nurse and dose not ask any questions which is not helping and I have tried to get him to find out more and about what stage he at and about pain in back he says I'm worrying to much but I hate seeing him struggling for breath and coughing up stuff and watching trying to do his garden as he loves his garden

  • Thoughts and prayers for you both. It can be harder for the carer than for the person with the condition as you can feel helpless. Keep giving him lots of healthy food and plenty of drinks. He's lucky to have such a caring wife like you supporting him.

  • Oh thank you I do try to get him to eat food that good for him he never been a big eater plus he always been a fussy eater to so at time he hard work lol just like a child is but we doing ok I hope thanks again x

  • Hi Jadelew2 , I know i may differ from a lot of our pals on here but in the 12 years since I developed Chronic asthma and emphysema I have never asked or been told what stage I`m at. For me it would probably depress me and make me even more aware of my mortality. No, I live for today and after each bout of pneumonia and hospital stay I slowly recoup my strength and yes I might be a bit weaker each time but everybody`s geting older. Concentrate on enjoying what you both can. And don`t let your husband put off seeing the doc about any aches and pains. I Did that once years ago with a pain in my back- it`ll go, it`ll go- it didnt go and I ended up in ICU for a fortnight with pneumonia. Boss him about it ! You both take care, Sheila x

  • My huband just read your message and he said thank u so much as like u he feels the same and will go to the doctor

  • No need to thank me Jadelew2, we`re all in this together- nobody need ever feel alone on here, even in the early hours when you`re having a steroid high and can`t sleep. There`s always someone else awake. Take care, Sheila x

  • Thanks again u take care as well xxx

  • I knew someone who wouldn't see the doctor with this until finally she collapsed and would have died if her son hadn't happened to go round. She had pneumonia and was in ICU for weeks. She is ok now but regretting not going to the doctors. x

  • Too right coughalot2, We can`t hear what`s going on in our lungs which is why we need the doc with a stethoscope. Keep well, Sheila x

  • Good Morning Jadelew2 - I care for my husband who has severe COPD. He has refused to see a consultant he panics all the time and is afraid of the doctors. I am totally the opposite and need to know what I am facing. No-one has ever mentioned to my husband what severity he it and he doesnt want to know! I did ask him though if I could have access to his doctors in case he was very ill and then I could deal with the doctors etc. That has been really useful because they will talk to me now.

    There is a lot he could be doing - there is a pulmonary rehab course which could help him to get a bit fitter and give him the information about his illness to help him and you cope. But you have to ask the doctor! My husband eventually went on the course and it was really helpful.

    THere are many different inhalers that could be available he may need to change his medication - but he will need to ask. If you want some advise you could ring the helpline - You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

    Good luck, lots of love TAD xxx

  • It sounds like your husband has been given the broad term of COPD based on Previous visits to the doctor. He will need to have a Spirometry test that is done in 2 stages and means various blows into a machine that will show on the PC screen different figures etc. He will then have salbutamol wait a few minutes and do it all again to see what difference it makes if any.

    I was found to have RLD and had to have another in a plastic box in hospital plus one lieing down which showed a further drop in lung function of 12% when flat.

    The Peak flow is just a tube with numbers on that will show a good average of your blow at that time.

    He needs to get the pain in the back sorted out as if it has been going on for some time needs to be treated.

    Be Well

  • He dose have that test every 3m and i think. I have talked him into going back about his back finger crossx

  • Hello Jadelew,I am 59, I have very severe emphysema,my Fev1 is 20% ,that,s the amount I can breathe out quickly in one breath.We need to be pro- active with this condition ie,keep going to the GP and ask all the things we,re not sure about,can you go with your husband to see doctor?It,s best to concentrate on what we can do rather than what we can,t. I won,t let this condition dictate what I can do,it's just takes me a bit longer.I had to learn not to panic when I had difficulty breathing and learn breathing techniques and exercises to help me breathe.If he eats healthily gets plenty exercise and takes his meds and avoids infections,he,ll be ok and so will you,I,m assuming he has stopped smoking if he ever did that is essential.Best of luck!D.

  • Hello Jadelew2, I too have COPD for the last 5 years. I am 78 years young. There are times my breathing is quite labored. However, although COPD is incurable, I am trying a method that offers some relief which was recommended by a friend whose husband HAD, yes HAD COPD. There are 2 books that I recommend you get: Hydrogen Peroxide Medical MIracle by William Campbell Douglas II, MD, and True Power of Hydrogen Peroxide Miracle Path to Wellness by Mary Wright. If you send me your email address I will share with you written research I have done. My email address is jbmoore637@comcast.net and my name is Joseph. I've been following the procedures for 3 weeks now and I have noticed some improvement in my breathing. I too use Spiriva, Symbicort and Xopenex. If there others who are familiar with "35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" please let me know. Good luck and God's blessings on you is my prayer. CIAO.

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