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Hand close to mouth

Seeing as there was a recent question on Hyperventilation I just want to ask you all about a pattern I notice about myself.

I always find myself putting my hand to my mouth, at my desk I'll rest my thumb on my cheek making a V under my nose. I'll then exhale onto the back of my hand. On waking I often find myself in a similar situation with my hand close to my mouth and nose.

Personally I feel this is a compensation mechanism for disordered breathing and lung mechanics. The feeling of the breath on the back of the hand replaces the sensory trigger of exhalation.

Its an odd one and I can find not reference to it on the web but has anyone experienced this?

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Sorry, no. I did find before inhalers that I forgot to breathe in at times and just stuck at the end of the exhale for several seconds until I consciously made myself breathe in again.


Yes I have that too. Sometimes during the day it's like I forget to breathe.


I've yet to find out why I do that. Next week I go for an assessment before pulmonary rehab, so I'm hoping to find out more in the next few weeks.


It's a fact that in the face there are nerve receptors cone ted to the lungs. This is why using a hand held fan helps with sob......learnt this at the wonderful PR and also confirmed from someone's link here.

Perhaps that's a reason you touch your face? There are also acupressure points either side of your nose.


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