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Trying to stop smoking tobacco

I started on Niquitin patches 2wks ago,I have COPD plus other ailments,kinda doing alright,I was smoking a half Oz of hand rolling tobacco each day and now down to about 5 filter tip cigarettes per day,my problem is giving up "Ye 'Olde Jamaican Woodbine" which I enjoy,mind you I haven't been as breathless,each day is a challenge which doesn't get any easier.

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I used to smoke the same amount. About 4 years ago I got diagnosed with angina and blamed the rollups. I had one more and stopped there and then. The only problem was that about 8 weeks later i was going to my local shop and found myself gasping for breathe. I thought it was my lungs clearing the rubbish from smoking. Went for a checkup and got diagnosed with Stage 4 very severe emphysema.

This sudden onset seems to have happened to a minor few on here.

Believe it or not even at the age of 56 I was doing amateur surfing with my daughters. That was about 4 years before giving up.

Now it takes me ages just to mow a lawn the size of a postage stamp ! :)


Hi Strummer

Good luck quitting smoking. How bad is your copd? I'm most curios to see if you feel better.😊 As puff said, a lot of people feel worse. What a bummer! What stage copd are you? Maybe you'll

prove it wrong. I hope so. Please keep us updated😊

Rubyxx 😊

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Take a look at vaping

it got me off of a 60+ a day rol up habit of 50 years


Before I gave up I looked at when I smoked and changed what I did so I didn't want one as much. My favourite ciggie was with a cup of coffee after a meal. I now drink tea instead of coffee and get up and do something after a meal instead of sitting and "letting the food go down".

Do try to give up completely. It is not easy and I remember I felt terrible for about six months with colds, flu type symptoms and general debility. However it is worth it - the cough has gone and I'm still here!!

Do persevere, it's worth it.

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I went to a quit clinic and was given on perception Champix tablets I took them at night had no side effects and within 8 to 14 days you feel like you don't want a cigarette. I got up on the Saturday morning feeling like rubbish went back to bed till about 2 in the afternoon and never smoked again that was 11 years ago.

A lot of people think when they stop smoking they stop taking the tablets and this is a mistake you still take them at a lower dose for 4 weeks good luck.

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I used to smoke a considerable quantity of the green stuff. I got a quality vapouriser, and what I used to use in a day would last about two weeks now. And there's evidence that it can actually help with COPD:

You really should avoid tobacco entirely. This is the vapouriser I've got...expensive, but it's the best on the market:


It never is easy to stop smoking because it becomes a "friend" and one when you get up with your cuppa,then always one after a meal etc. This ritual becomes so implanted within your lifestyle makes even more difficult.I had a serious COPD condition and what helped me was the vaporiser.

Now when I am having a particular bad craving I can turn to this method and since this change of lifestyle have only had a couple of attacks.Also my nurse is happy that my lung compactly is better (fingers crossed)

It's different for everyone and never easy.Good luck with your future and health


I was let us say a 'professional' smoker of various substances and even when diagnosed took me a year to do anything about it but ......15 months now been on the ecigs no problem once I had decided was so much easier than I thought it would be - get my dose of nicotine, (18mg) get the whole put in mouth suck etc. and now cutting down on the ecigs slowly but so, so glad I gave up the others - honestly do not think I would still be here if I had not - so when you are ready give them a try - but do not kid yourself into I will mix them I tried that at first a couple of real ones a day and some ecigs to make up - did not work just ended up a couple of cigs turned into 3 - 4 - 5 etc and the ecigs were (as second best) dropped - make your mind up first to give up the cigs completely and go straight onto the ecigs - anyway just my experience - good luck whatever you decide - your life - your lungs - take care xx

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