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Please help

Needing advice.this hot weather is so hard to cope are just shifting hot air around.last night kitchen was 30 and bedroom was 27 despite fans in rooms.l know others enjoy sun and heat but for me it's akin to a form of torturous hell.what is a reasonable level of humidity?l only have 27 volume ,it's difficult enough without this added burden....any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

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A few years ago I purchased a tower fan that you can set on a timer. Was money very well spent. Is much better than regular fan which just seems to whirl hot air about. Can set tower fan to go off once asleep and is very quiet so doesn't disturb sleep.


Hi, my lung volume is around the same as yours, I know exactly what you mean ! Could not sleep last night ,air was muggy & hot , didn't do much during the day , didn't have the energy as I couldn't cool down. I also cant be out in the sun long as it leaves me gasping for breath, like walking into a sauna.Weather is due to cool down a bit over the weekend, so hopefully will feel a bit better. Besides using fans and taking cool showers, don't know what else we can do. Tina.


My husband invested in a remote control dyson which is a heater and can but with a temperature control. That is very good. The best of luck. Also bought a cooling spray for his face from boots xxx


Its strange Nellie i only have 20% but i love the warm weather, its the winter i dread! xx


Have a small fan to blow directly onto your face. Fools the brain into thinking you are outside. A small bowl of water in front of the fan will also help cool the air.

And finally take an ice cube from the freezer and hold it between your wrists until it hurts. You will feel the cold blood going up your arms and around your body. I have even had goose bumps doing this.

Hope this helps

love Dozy ☺ 🐀 x

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AS Dozy says, a small hand held fan , 3 blades or more, is really effective in breathing control. Household fans can be used with a different approach. In the tropics, room fans are ceiling mounted so that they stop hot air rising to the ceiling and slowly building up the heat in a room. Large bladed fans on a slow speed are more effective in churning the air around than small fans on a high speed. Angle it up so that it is blowing away from you unless it is just you that wants to be cooled. Then, as Dozy said, the old military trick of cold wet bandages or even face clothes around your wrists works really well. The bedroom, sleep with the door and windows open but put the fan outside the bedroom door blowing across the doorway but switch it on before you want to go to bed. It sort of sucks the air from the room which is replaced with fresher air from outside the house....and its a darn site quieter, too.


I too find the heat and humidity difficult to handle. I found an excellent little personal air conditioner on Amazon which is a handheld fan that has a sponge in it. You wet the sponge, it cools the air coming out of the fan. I found it brilliant last year. Think it cost about £10. You can either hold it in your hand or set it down on your bedside table so it blows cool sir on your face to help you go to sleep. I find the much more expensive portable air conditioners very useful when it gets really hot, but they are around £300 and more. To cool me down at night I also sprayed my sheet with water and this helped cool me down. I dont add much water to the pan when cooking veg as I cant breathe in a steamy kitchen. Hope some of this helps.

oh, keep your curtains or blinds closed when the sun shines in, to prevent the sun heating the air in your toom.

Fran xx


Hi, another tip to keep bedrooms cooler, if you can safely open up the hatch to your attic, and leave it open as the hot air in the house rises a lot goes into your attic leaving bedrooms cooler, we have done this for years now, and it does make a big difference.


Ah, how well I can relate to your description of how the sun and heat make you feel.

I become almost AFRAID this time of year at the prospect of the hot weather kicking in

cos I can't flippin' breathe at the best of times. Just end up not far from collapse...and that's indoors with the fan on. Well, FANS as it EVERY room. Even sleep with a fan on through the winter.

Not much help I'm afraid but apart from that I close the blinds/curtains mid-afternoon cos that's when the sun comes into the windows. I hate shutting the world out but it's the lesser of the two evils.

Perhaps, like me, you have a nagging ambition to stand with your head inside the fridge...bliss, but the food wouldn't fare very well ~ Lovelight x


My Mom also suffered with COPD and she hated the summer she couldn't breath and the heat made her cough more I find the winter worse with the cold crisp air that effects my breathing more than the summer


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