Post op

Hello everyone , well all seemed to be going ok then a large amount of fluid appeared around scar (feels like a beach ball ) on my back !! Seen Dr and have been prescribed antibiotics if not started to disperse will have to go back in and have it drained . In a lot of pain so have had to up painkillers again . Sorry for moaning but could see improvement and now a step back !

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Hope the antibiotics work and you are soon on the mend. Take care of yourself.

Oh love - well at least you have been to the doctors and have been given antibiotics. It sounds very painful. Wishing you a speedy recovery xxxxx

Oh no what a bummer! Hope it settles soon for you. cx

Wishing you a speedy reovery x

Hello Anneeileen, I hope you get better soon, it sounds very sore, hugs huff xxx

Thanks everyone for your replies .Havent been able to do much just get depressed but I think you can get that after op .Fluid has gone from back but still get a lot of shooting pain especially in boobs ! Which I don't understand but I suppose you don't know what nerves and things where damaged during op .Any ideas ! Surgeon said last week "there ain't no cancer " but still waiting for test to come back .he said it was called something like granulosus.....................something ? Still if anyone has to go to Brompton hospital it is fantastic ! And my surgeon Mr Dusmet is one of the best .

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