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Ball of fluid or phlegm in my throat?

Hi, I'm Tessi and new here! Recently I notice that I could feel a lump/ball in my throat and whenever I swallow it wouldn't go down. I looked on the internet and saw that I could he phlegm and I found ways of getting it out. I have tried all sort of things like drinking lots of water, tea, gargling with warm water and salt, inhaling steam, drinking herbal teas and even trying to cough it all up! None of them have seemed to work :( does anyone know what this is and how I can get rid of it? Also my throat doesn't hurt it's just a very annoying lump in my throat :(

Thank you


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Could be swollen gland .. Ya immune system is just behind Adam's apple .. forgot name of it BUT might be inflamed if you have other stuff going on

I would suggest seeing your gp / doctor as most things have not worked FAILING that just carry bottle of water and take sips when ever you feel it

Hope it gets better or you cough it up ;)

But I would see doc if was me


Hello :)

If its phlegm it could be reflux. This produces a lot of mucus partly I've been told as a protection from refluxing stomach acid.

Anyway, that another thing to check with your GP. Hope you get it sorted. Take care :)

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hello, I dunno but I hope you see your GP asap. It'll only take a few seconds for them to have a look with their little torch.

Good luck. P

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