Total idiot! A Cautionary Tale

In January 2014 after two hospitalizations because of a terrible chest infections, I was prescribed 1/2 litre oxygen for a min 15 hours daily. I also have canisters in case for ambulatory use. I still work 3 days a week, just admin, nothing strenuous, just driving there and back. (Blue badge holder) so can park at work. So at first I didn't bother bringing the amb oxy but after almost killing myself just getting from the car to the building, I started putting oxygen in the car and even bringing it up to office. However I found that even using oxygen up to a litre, I was even more breathless and my heart was practically leaping out my chest. Now, In addition to Severe COPD , I have Severe Pulmonary Hypertension! So, I thought so much for oxygen prolonging your life? Then the other day, when I was checking one of the canisters, when I realized that for the past 2 months or so I hadn't actually been switching on the oxygen as I FORGOT to turn the black wheel bit! I can only think that at the time I was prescribed oxygen, I was in such denial, l that I refused to absorb the info from the oxygen people .

Hope everyone is breathing OK?



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Oh dear me I sometimes think this illness gives the brain a good shake .

So times I think I have the start of dementia can't remember when to write too or to spell words backwards put here when it should be hear

Hope your ok now you sorted things out

Take care


Thanks Dorothy. I am 65 so maybe...who knows. Just so glad that oxygen sorted so I might live a bit longer,

All the best, Dorothy.



Oops hope you have now noticed the difference. Memory or lack of is my problem and I have to write everything down even when to have showers otherwise I could end up having 3 in a day or none for a week. Smelly mouse. Love Dozy ☺ 🐀 xx

Thanks Dozy,

I have always enjoyed your posts. You are such an inspiration!

So glad that I discovered my mistake. I even have a swollen foot which is not good. Hopefully, now that I know how to turn the blasted ambulatory oxygen on, I will feel better.



Malinka , I have done exactly the same thing. Hopefully never again.

Wow, you've been sailing close yo the wind Malinka, I bet you could have kicked yourself. I hope it's made a huge improvement now your using it right. xx

Thank you Casper, You are so right. I was unwittingly playing Russian Roulette. Two nights ago when my heart was going ten to the dozen and my foot had swollen, I really thought that was it, Thankfully I discovered why. I must confess, however that I did plead for God's help. Just the Serenity Prayer etc.

All the very best.


You're not the first to do this, I even did it in hospital when first given ambulatory canister to enable me to get mobile. I'm sure you will not be the last either. Hope you are breathing easy now :-)

Malinka I'm so glad you've switched on! :D I often forget to switch the bloomin' bottle on I get through that many , or I run out before I make it back to the house!

I hope you feel the benefit of it soon, don't forget you can phone the Resp' nurses at anytime and they will monitor how much you are needing or anything that's concerning you. huff :) xxx

Hi Malinka, i have more senior moments these days but no wonder you felt increasingly worse. Glad you have it sorted now and hopefully feel better. X

I hope it all goes the right way for you from now on. I have RLD with PH and the 2 do not help each other that is for sure.

Be Well

phew, you'll be a new woman now!

Thank you all so much for your comments. Don't feel too good today. My foot became swollen. I believe that is caused by fluid build-up. It has gone down a little. Now I feel a little more breathless so I have increased oxygen to 1 litre. Added to my other problems, I am also a CO2 retainer and was advised by my COPD Consultant not to go above 1 litre. Oh well. Could be worse I suppose. Might call BLF helpline tomorrow for advice.

Once again, thank you all for taking time to reply

All the very best


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