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COPD Spirometry results

Hallo just got my breathing spirometry test results from my gp and if you look at my past tests it is a bit better then my first one january 2013 but not has good has my one last year april 2014.

So am a bit confused with it all but i think looking at my results now i think my first test and then this one seem about right, anyway i have a copy so will put down has it reads

Precentage of predicted forced vital capacity..95%

FEV1/FVC ratio before bronchodilator..68

FEV1/FVC ratio after bronchodilator...71

FVC after bronchodilator...4.03L

FEV1 before bronchodilator...2.72L

FEV1 after bronchodilator...2.83L

Precent predicted FEV1...81%

I dont have this time details of what stage i am now at, has if you look at my first reading i was moderert copd and then last year i was told i was excluded from copd and i think that the reading last year was wrong has i know how i have been feeling in myself

meaning i had 2 chest infections last winter but cleared after a week

But must admit i have taken no seretide 500 now for over a year has have felt ok and have used my blue inhaller i would say 6 times in a year and still not smoked and still go to the gym 2 sometimes 3 times a week on treadmill.

I was thinking i might see my gp and ask or find out if ok to take my seretide maybe just the winter time has

my breathing is still really ok but can sometimes feel a little difficulty but hadly bad enough to panic and i can walk and sometimes run or jog on the treadmill for a good while and i still work part time.

Anyway thats me wont bore you anymore but will go to my gp to find out if i am still at the moderate stage has dont say on this print out has i got it from the reception at my gp.

Have a Good weekend everyone


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FEV1 over 80% and FEV1/FVC over 71% in theory puts you outside the criteria for a COPD diagnosis.


Thanks for reply ck101 have a good weekend



I've had a Fev1 of 79% and 82%, seen my CT and xrays, ive got bullous emphysema really bad in right lung and some in upper left lobe, not on any medication and not exhibiting any significant signs of COPD. Confusing disease it is indeed.


Question 1968, did the Emphysema show on the Chest X Ray also?

Your lucky you don't have symptoms, stay off the cigs and it should stay that way. I've great results and have disabling shortness of breath from time to time.


It was picked up on xray by chance, I was getting short of breath once I gave up smoking, doc sent me for xray then Ct scan identify the extent. 4 years on I'm fine, I think. Still got the bullous emphysema but was informed if I keep up the good work and stay away from cigs I should stay the same as I am, no medication and very little symptoms.


You were extremely lucky you caught this so early.


I know, just wished I had stopped earlier too. Blessings in disguise, we all have a cross to carry and this one is mine. Just need to keep keep exercising and deep breath exercise.


How early is the question. Most likely 5 years in my case, that's when I noticed a change. Stay positive.


Eventually they can surgically remove those bad areas of your lung and then they will work better if you ever have bad shortness of breath. One of my neighbors had an entire lung removed and he gets on just fine. I have COPD and way lower lung function, but my CT scan shows completely normal lungs. I think I have milder COPD, but other issues that are contributing to my lower lung function. They did not do an expiratory CT which would have shown if there was gas trapping. Any how, you could have mild COPD, but it could also just be because of your age. As you get older FEV1 and FEV1/FVC ratio become lower.


I'm not too knowledgable on most of the numbers music but, your FEV1 is great. xx

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Hi Music , Interesting input here, ! , but quite honestly I 've given up on all these theoretical figures, its how you FEEL is more important than what these numbers are SUPPOSED to indicate, AND a lot depends on WHEN and WHERE these measurements are taken, on the basis that we all have good and bad days with our lungs - that's one factor, and another , I had my "Readings" done , out of curiosity, in Sicily, where the Air is ten times more cleaner than in Britain - BRILLIANT RESULTS" !! - so what then do these figures really indicate - not much !, and on top of all this we have the psychological factor to add into the mix ! - if the figures are "Bad" - there's a good chance we react to them - if "Bad" then we start thinking, Oh I can't feel too well today, because yesterday THE FIGURES SAID SO !!! - Your body usually tells you all you need to know at the end of the day ! - and its RARELY WRONG ! , a final illustration . my elderly neighbour was told recently - " You can't walk all that way to the post office " - "Why not ?" she replied" , because " Your 86 " ,was the response - ! in other words the FIGURE "86" was supposed to indicate her LACK of ability to walk the distance !!! .... NONSENCE !!!- Good luck ! ...


Well said Vitorrio, the numbers mean nothing. It's how you feel, that is all that matters. I do believe however that current smokers need to be given hard facts like lung age etc.


Thanks ck101 for your reply ! - and quite right too - let em have it, to start with ...!


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