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Hi new joiner from the states.. love all the good stuff i read here so i joined... i.m a 54 year old male smoked now for 40 years... 2 seperate chest exrays were normal all blood work were normal. but a ct scan showed mild markings of emphysema in centrlobal and upper outer lungs and doctor said very mild markings......i had a pft done that week and the results are below ... im very scared and trying to quit..... can this get worse if i quit? i now have this symptom were i have to take a deep breathe and i dont feel like im getting a good breathe everytime. fvc 105% .... fev1 98%......fev1/ fvc 93%...fef25 105%...fef75 50%.... fef25-75 75%dlco 112%... svc 98%... ic 106%....tgv 137%... rv 174%...tlc 122% rv/tlc 141%

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Whether you take a long or short breath it only the first shot which reaches the alveolar , the rest stays in the dead zone, that's why people on oxygen can use pulse setting rather than continuous.

Can you be referred to a pulmonary rehabilitation course, apart from the exercise benefit you get a lot of education.

You need to get into a controlled breathing routine

Pursed lip breathing is one, in through your nose for four seconds out through pursed lips( like you are whistling ) for six seconds.

Don't have to be exact just breath out longer than you breath in.


I am sure there will be somebody here, who can understand your results. One thing I will say, is stopping smoking cold turkey is a shock to the system and needs to done gradually. Alternatively, you could try nicotine patches, ecigarettes (vapers) The chewing gum and lozenges are vile, so I don't recommend them.


You have a normal fev1 and FVC. Today you don't have Copd. There are changes reflecting damage from smoking. Stop now and you will do well.


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