Repeated Infections

Repeated infections

Hi all & thanks for all the support I get from this website. I am on antibiotics very regularly ( every 6 weeks ) &'an I.V last November . My specialist reluctant to put me on a maintenance one yet in case I develop an immunity to it . Has anyone else this problem & do you find maintenance anti biotics helpful. How often do you take them. I'm on bricianyl inhaler also .

Many thanks

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  • I'd love to find out what maintenance means.

  • I read on this forum something about taking an anti biotic on a regular basis to help keep infections away at least for longer than Im getting is roughly what I think maintenance anti biotic means

  • Thanks jk - I wanted to make sure I am not missing anything as I get lots of infections. :)

  • Louisana

    How often do you get infections & how are you treated. Do you feel you are just not getting any decent run of good health

    Thsnks JK

  • This past 18 months or so I seem to get infections every couple of months. they get worse each time. This past one I was on antibiotics for 5 weeks and am off to see the consultant on Friday. I take steroids first 10 days, then just antibiotics. I have an emergency prescription at home. I have a very good surgery - but my ancient body finds it harder to cope each time. :)

  • Thanks ... I'm much the same ... but haven't been put on steroids . It's just feeling unwell so often is very difficult for any quality of life . Great to share with others who suffer the same

    Many thanks

  • Try and stay well.....although as you say, feeling ill just doesn't help one feel cheerful! I agree it is great to be able to put questions on this site and to read other people's problems, etc., which all helps me to feel better about things and I know I can get some honest and sensible answers! Take care :)

  • I have been having chest infections since Christmas and have been taking antibiotics on and of since then. I finish the course and within 2 weeks It comes back. Feel like not going back the doctors.

    Hope the maintence course helps you.

  • So sorry to hear that Victoriablue. I am the same and am not on maintenance antibiotics but am hoping the consultant might try this approach .

  • Azithromycin 500mg is often prescribed 3 times a week ( Mon Wed Fri) to help prevent infections. It also helps lessen the effects of an infection. It has worked for me but it cannot prevent all infections :)

  • Dear Sir James

    Thank you for replying . Just wondering did you find being on Azithyromycin hard to take ? Did you feel well while on it and how long did you get then between infections ? We're you left on it long & how are you now ?

    Yours sincerely


  • Hi JK. I find them easy to take. I had a good spell whilst on them free from infection. Last year I had several infections, mostly psudonomas and I stopped the Azith as advised whilst I took other antibiotics. I understand my lungs are colonised with pseudonomas.

    I had pneumonia and pseudonomas in March/April this year requiring IV antibiotics in hospital. I have a psudonomas infection now and do not feel as bad as I have been in the past. I think it might be the Azith helping.

    I was at a pulmonary rehab class yesterday where the nurse said Azithromycin can help with the effects of infections. I wasn't told that last year Best wishes, James :)

  • Hi JK1957, so sorry to hear you are so low. I too went through a 2yr period when I was ill every month and had pneumonia every 2 months or so. It is foolish for anyone to say you will not feel down, I know I did. When are you seeing your Consultant again? I remember going to my GP because I was so ill I felt I was crawling around and I was not due to see the Consultant for months. My GP told me to phone the Con secretary and tell her how bad I was feeling. It worked and I was seen very quickly. I had had a CT scan and all the other tests but still no diagnosis. Do you have a diagnosis or are you like I was, not knowing why I was so ill? It is really horrible being in that situation. I just told the Con I could not go on this way and fortunately for me we began all the tests again and this time a diagnosis. I guess what I am trying to say to you is do not give in. Ask questions. Ask for help from your GP and Con. I know it is hard but do keep on asking. Good luck and take care of yourself. Let us know how you go on. Someone on the forum will always help if they can and if not phone HealthUnlocked and speak to one of their nurses. They are really very helpful. Bye for now Maximonkey

  • Thank you for all that support . I have a diagnosis of severe diffuse Bronchiectasis which is just getting more debilitating . I got the diagnosis 27 years ago . It is probably getting harder on my lungs to fight off the infections. I am lucky that I can see my consultant when I need to so I am hoping he will decide on some course of treatment that might give me a decent run infection free. I had IV treatment last November but the infections are back as bad as ever frequency wise again

    Many thanks


  • Hi Jk1957, I too have Bronchiectasis although not severe it was causing me to have permanent infections so the Con put me on Azithromycin. I take it three times a week and I call it my magic pill as I do not think I would have survived for very long without it. I lead an almost normal life, I do tire easily, but I think it is a small price to pay to stop living with permanent infections. I have been taking Azith for 2yrs now and have only been ill three times and every time with the help of my emergency drugs and steroids I have not been taken into hospital. A great relief I must say. My family have been able to stop worrying about me permanently and I do not talk about my illness anymore as I feel it is under control. I went to see my Con 10 months ago and met an old lady of around 85 who had had Bronchiectasis since she was 8 years old. She was amazing. It gave me hope for a longer life. When the Con suggested the Azith he did warn me that a side effect could be Tinnitus, at the time I felt so ill I would have let them remove a limb if it would make me feel better, so I agreed and have not looked back. Unfortunately I have developed Tinnitus but as it is a side effect of 3 or 4 of the drugs I take I feel I would have developed it anyway as my ENT doctor says I have the hearing of a normal person my age but I have damage to my eardrums caused by recurring bouts of sinusitis. So occasional Tinnitus is a small price to pay for a normal life. If they offer to prescribe them for you I would urge you to consider taking them, but do not take my word for it ask the forum and they will tell you how they feel taking this great antibiotic. Take good care of yourself and let us know how you get on. Maximonkey

  • Does the azithrycomin help prevent the bouts of bleeding which occasionally I get anyway with infections

    Many thanks for very helpful reply and information

  • Hi jk1957, yes definitely. The last time I had an infection was last December and I was very poorly (mainly asthmatic breathing problems) I spat up blood once. (sorry if this is too explicit) however, before the Azithromycin I was spitting up blood nearly every day and coughing almost constantly, it was very frightening. Hope this helps. Take care Maximonkey

  • Thank you . Just wondering do your lungs ever bleed . I occasionally get heavy bleeding .

  • Afternoon. I was put on Azithromycin after having continuous infections after Pneumonia 500mg three times a week, I haven't had an infection since starting them in December 2013 (she says with everything crossed)

    My consultant was very impressed, apparently they are a different type of AB and even the medical profession aren't sure why they're so effective, I'm just glad they are.

    Kim xxx

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