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what was she thinking?

A reporter is interviewing a woman celebrating her 100th birthday.

'And to what do you attribute your marvellous old age?' Asks the reporter. 'I believe in moderation in all things,' says the old lady. 'I eat moderately, and drink moderately and so remain in perfect health.' 'But I understand you've often been bedridden,' says the reporter. 'Well, of course I have,' says the old lady. 'But don't put that in your newspaper.'

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She ch called, a determination to live! cheers, Mic


Lyd really liked that one lol


:D :D good one lyd :D

remembered me of the old one of the 4 old woman getting their photo taken, with the old fashioned year one camera , with the camera mans cover over his head, one said to the other what is he doing, the other said hes just going to focus...she said what!!

all four of us :D no name this time :D xxx :)


Nice to hear from you Jimmy. Hope you are feeling better each day. that was a good one, catching up with all the posts must be keeping you busy. Love Iris x


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