poor peak flow reading/ lung function test meaning???

I am 31, 5'7, and 75kg.

I have pluretic type pain (upper right abdo), as well as chest pain in centre of chest. when i lie down I feel short of breath so need to sleep sitting up! breathing feels like an effort, its like I cant get enough air in my lungs.

I am being investigated for an autoimmiune/ autoinflamatory condition, and as part of the investigations I was recently sent for a lung function test. I have not had the results back yet but struggled to complete the test (I had to keep on repeating the tests as I couldnt take in enough air to get a reading???) and had bad coughing fits after each exersise (I do not normaly have a cough).

I have also had a chest xray which was fine

I recently had a PIP assesment, as part of this I had to do a peak flow test. my best was 280 (almost collapsed after this and had major coughing fit). the nurse said 280 was very low.

I had asthma as a child, but dont feel like I have it now........... can anyone suggest what could be going on? could it be asthma?

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  • Evening

    Sorry your feeling so rough. Your GP will have your Lung function tests results, I would make an appointment and ask him to explain. I would also ring the BLF helpline and speak to the nurses they're brilliant.

    Kim xxx

  • I've been in exactly the same place as you for 2 years I kept going back and forth to my Drs. Then 6 months ago i had a pneumothorax after this I finally got a CT scan which has shown that I have very tiny small amounts of emphysema nothing to worry about my letter says. But I am worried , I've never smoked live a healthy lifestyle and workout at the gym 5 x's a week I'm 46 yrs old. Ask if you can have a CT scan as x-rays can only show so much You need to get to the bottom of this I don't cough no more and I use to be coughing all the time. Hope you get the help you need..Try and keep positive but I know how hard that can be.

  • Try not to worry to much. My readings without any inhalers are around 150, and I have been known to only manage 90, even with my inhalers at full dosage I only manage 200 to 220. I lead a reasonably active life and although I am now in my 60's I have had these readings all my life, so talk to your Doctor and try not to get too worried.

  • Thanks for the replies.....

    my main concern is that the results may not be looked at in detail as my chest xray was clear and blood results all negative. I called the department where the lung test was done to ask how I would recieve the results and was told they would be sent to rhuematologist as it was him who ordered the test, so only he can access the results!

  • Hi Heather. Your profile is perhaps similar to mine. I am 48, slim and a vigorous walker. I have a longstanding history of Lupus (but neg antibodies) which has recently revised to UCTD/SLE. A couple of years ago, I started struggling to breathe when reclined, coughing on exertion, bouts of pleuritic pain, aspiration - the list of intermittent problems is endless and my Drs don't have all the answers. Extensive lung function tests have revealed Restrictive Lung Disease - resp weakness (namely diaphragmatic ) but you have to do special tests to pick this up, narrowing of airways and patches of inflammation on CT. My peak flow is 200-250 and that is my norm yet spirometry is low normal. My symptoms are a mixed bag, not typical of any one thing. It is worrying when your health suffers but try not to worry and I hope you get some answers very soon. Clare

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