Its hard to sleep with the wind lol :)

Yes we had bad wind again last night maybe I should not have had that last piece of cheese, seriously I thought at times the roof was going as it was really blowing well, it has eased slightly at the moment but the rain is back with us down here, not a pleasant day at all, but once again we have woke up which we have to be grateful for. Today I have to go and have several pots of blood taken and let this lovely nurse stick pads on my body to see if there is life in the old dog still, I think its called an ECG, this is ready for my couple of days holiday into hospital, whose a lucky boy then.? :)

There were ten blokes and one woman hanging onto a rope beneath a helicopter. They knew there too many on the rope and if someone did not let go, the rope would break and they would all die, but they could not decide who should make the sacrifice.

Finally the woman gave a really touching speech, saying how she'll give up her life to safe the others because woman are used to giving up things for their husbands and children, always offering themselves and not receiving anything in return. As she finished speaking, all the blokes applauded her bravery.

Proving.....Blokes should never underestimate the intelligence of a woman.

Now that's better than all those blonde jokes don't you agree ladies :) Have a good day if you can.

Lyn if you are dog walking again don't forget your rain hat. :).

:) ;) xxx Fred

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  • I had to think about that one for a moment Fred and then I burst out laughing when the penny dropped. :-D

    Blowing gales here too this morning but I slept like a log. Not sure if I have pooch today or not, it depends if I get an sos call from my son. lol. She's a very well behaved dog though and no trouble at all.

    Where's our lovely sunshine gone. :-( I want it back.

    Have a good day Fred...hope your bloods and ECG go ok. :-) xxx

  • Just read your reply and as if by magic, the rain stopped and the sky's have cleared and the sun has come out, you are a clever clogs how do you do it ?

    Keep smiling when are we seeing your smile again, as I thought the swans had flown ? :) ;) xxx

  • I'm not giving away my secrets Fred. Lol. Talking of swans, I found a female nesting over the lake. I can get nice and close with my camera too. I'm keeping my eye on her over the next few weeks and hopefully get some nice shots of the little fluffs when they arrive. :-) xxx

  • Will await those shots, are baby swans called Fluffs or are they swanlettes lol. I like the way you by passed the question of when are we getting your smile back, craft lady. You be careful or are you far enough away from the mum swan as they can be very protective can't they. ? :) xxx

  • They're called cygnets Fred. I just like to call them little fluffs because that's what they look like to me. lol

    I always take around 15-20 minutes to get up close, I let them get used to me first. Any sign of aggression from the male and I back off. If there's one thing I've learned over the years, is to respect these birds and not to badger them. I'll only sit by them if they feel comfortable when I'm there. I do also have a 400mm zoom lens so I don't have to get too close to them. :-) xxx

  • Tha's good as long as your safe, now what about that smile lol :) xxx

  • You're stuck with the swans for :-) xxx

  • I think I have been given the bird lol :) xxx

  • How funny youve made me giggle at 7.30am cant be a bad start to my day ahead, thank you. It was seriously windy in essex last night too, I live a stones throw from the sea which can send lovely fresh blasts of sea air when needed but last night I felt as if my summer duvet was auditioning for the part of aladdins flying carpet.! All the best with your various hospital assessments today, lynda x

  • Cheers Lynda liked your description of the sea breeze/ wind and I know what you mean as I live close to the sea as well. You carry on giggling through out the day and keep smiling, talk again later byee for now. :) xx

  • That is just SO good - it will keep me chuckling all day πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Yesterday, I really thought we were going to blow away lol. We live on a hillside and yesterday, there was a "tree surgeon" felling a very big dead tree, just down the hill from us. It was really scary as he swung from the ropes, cutting each big branch in turn. The expression "watching in fascinated horror" just about sums up what I was feeling πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    I hope all goes well at the hospital.

    Jan xx

  • I would have been just the same, thinking he is going to fall very soon and so pleased when he got down. Pleased it made you chuckle, I must admit the first time I read it ages ago I had to read it twice to get the joke, daaa we can't all be a smarty. Have a good day Jan :) xx

  • Morning Fred, will tell hubby the joke not that he will laugh ho ho. What has happened to our weather? Its seriously cold here. Good luck today with all the prodding and poking, i'm sure you'l keep those nurses on their toes. xx

  • It is windy here again Fred but not as bad as yesterday. Hope all goes well for you today. Loved the joke as always. You take care and wishing you well. xxxxxxx

  • Thanks Carole the weather here is change every few minutes or that's as it seems we have had wind, rain, sun and now mist, no snow as of yet.

    Have a good day :) xxx

  • Morning Fred and crew,

    Still laughing at your joke, and I will be keeping it to share around. lol I know a few people who will love it! hee hee hee

    Hope all your tests go well today, and that your weather is improving a bit. There is still some snow on the hills here, but that will go soon as its pouring rain, but the wind has eased now.

    There are a couple of swans just across the road from me which are extremely tame and actually toddle up to people looking for food which gives the tourists a bit of a fright. lol Then they glide into town a couple of miles away to the moat surrounding the castle when their cygnets are due, where it is much more sheltered. Once they have grown the parents parade them down to the open sea, where the police come out and stop the traffic for them so they can safely cross the road. It causes quite a stir and is such a cute sight.

    I have forgotten I have an appointment on the mainland today, and its too late now to go, so will have to phone shortly and explain. They are pretty understanding, but I feel a bit annoyed with myself.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thanks for that Huggs a nice report loved the info re the swans, I bet it is a sight the police holding up the traffic for them to cross the road. Whoops missed the boat for your appointment, where are you Huggs that you still have snow on the hills ? Stay safe and warm and dry speak later xxx :) Fred hugs on the way.

  • Hi Fred,

    The swans are lovely parading through the town from the castle, and the cygnets are so funny as they struggle to step from the road onto the pavement, as the motorists wait patiently as the police smilingly hold them up, and a round of applause and cheers are heard as the swans and their cygnets make it safely to the sea.

    I am on the Isle of Bute Fred, and its unusual to have snow on the hills this late, but it has been a harsh winter this year, and the hills and mountain on Arran are completely covered still. I have to keep remembering it is summer!

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hello well Huggs I knew you were up there somewhere but not sure just where, the nearest I got to you was when I was on submarines and we were do dives up there. As I said earlier stay warm. xxx :)

  • Hi Fred,

    We "talked" a while ago about when you were in Scotland, and you said you loved your time up here.

    I am lovely and cosy inside, so its fine, and have been told the temperature is to rise next week. :d I won't be holding my breath though. lol

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • You are right as usual love, yes I had some happy times up there, when I first went up in the early 60's had to travel and sign in to a hotel to get a drink on a Sunday and by the time I left in 81 it was all day drinking. When I said the nearest I got to you I meant to you not to Scotland, must admit I likes the East coast a bit more than the West coast, but saying that there are such lovely places in both areas. I had a young lad working for me in submarines who was from Lewis always wondered what happened to him he had a lovely wife and child that was over 30 years ago, he is called Kenny McCloud, I think that is the spelling. :) xx

  • Hi Fred, joke making me laugh. Good luck with your tests today. Love Margaret x

  • Thanks Margaret enjoy the weather if its nice if not stay warm. xx :)

  • Morning Fred, loved the joke this morning.

    It is blowing a gale here and not too warm either although there is a little bit of sun trying to peep through.

    Had a busy day yesterday so will be staying in for a day of rest.

    Take care everyone

    polly xx

  • Good idea polly have a nice lazy day we all need them at times. xxx :)

  • I just glanced at the title of your post and thought to myself "how on earth does fred know about my tummy trouble !!!" :) meow

  • Its our secret Mandy rumble tum xxx :)

  • hahahaha

    well my picture gives it away a little x

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

  • Hi 201251 xx :)

  • Hi Fred xx

  • "Only popped in to Wish you luck today Fred.....wishing your day all goes top draw for you Fred...(hugs) xx..Megan.."

  • Cheers Megan your a star, hope the toes are on the mend. xxx :) ;) hugs Fred

  • Hi fred, on first reading ur post, I was going to say cheese isn't ur problem, U need to layoff the beans lol πŸ˜ƒ but I continued to read and got the gist , horrid up here in the Midlands too. Take care xx sonia xx

  • Hi Sonia I am late in coming back I had to go for blod etc and I must have a jinx as last week went for X ray and it broke and today they could not get the ECG results to print out or save was stuck there for what seems ages. Note to Sonia Fred loves baked beans lol :) xxx

  • So it is U causing the gales at the mo πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ although I'm a lady ( not ) I like beans too πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ, the family might not agreeπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    I'm like U I jinx computers and machines. I had a blood test today for lupus, couldn't find a vein in the crook of my arm so had one in the middle of my forearm, got a huge painful black bruise now 😟

    Anyway hope ur results were ok xx sonia xx

  • If I do not get a phone call by Monday it means I am OK for the op on Wednesday, as for having blood taken they just love my right arm the vain almost jumps out at them saying this way needle. Wind still causing a problem :) Hope your bruise gets better Sonia. :) xxx

  • Fingers crossed for U fred, sorry if I missed it, but what op are u having Wednesday, if u don't mind me asking xx sonia xx

  • Its the same as I had the other month its to burn the tumours in my left lung they did the right one last time, it does not cure the cancer but it gives them a real head ache, its just over 12 months since I had to have it last, but then I only had the cancer in one lung then, and there is always a chance they will not comes back. I wont go into detail of how they do it as it might be tea time, :) plus I am under at the time lol.

    Keep smiling :) xxx

  • Oh wow, things they can do theses days, will defo be thinking if u fred. U take care and keep us all going with ur Ray of sunshine 🌞in the morningsβ˜€οΈXx sonia xx

  • Thanks for the laugh Fred hope all goes well with your tests. I have to have my annual ones in August time. Enjoy your evening :) :) xx

  • Morning Fred, I am sure there is lots of life left in the old dog. Hope the hospital visit goes ok and that the rest of your week goes well,Regards, Bulpit

  • Thanks for that will wait for the results, stay safe. xxx :)

  • I have lost one fence panel and another looks like a change as it is not looking healthy at all

  • Oh dear but it seems you got off lightly really with the strength of the wind, have a look around for the fence panel you might find a OFFCUT lol :)

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