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I have cellulitus in my leg at the moment. I use oxygen 1 litre due to scoliosis. Yesterday my oxygen level at the surgery was 78, its normally at least 80. The Dr said it was stress This morning I felt really breathless again after using my nippy ventilator, am really fed up as have had the cellulitus several weeks, this breathlessness doesn't help!

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Hi Pigsty

You know how you feel see doctor again, they put everything down to stress, I'm sure they say that when they don't know whats the problem. Good luck. Escepically with your breathing as well. Annette



When was the last time you had your blood gasses checked because 80 is too low x


Oh that sounds horrid, go back to the doctor if you are still very breathless. Hope you feel much better very soon xxx


Oh Pigsty how nasty. I have had it three times. So so painful. Keep those legs up but move around a little. I do walk a little legs up double time then walk a little. Please take care and if too much go back to Doctor. Suzyxxxx


Hi Pigsty, normally if you are on oxygen you are advised to have it set so your saturation is somewhere between 88 and 92. I'd advise speaking to your GP about that. As Mandy says, 78/80 is much too low and your risk your organs being damaged.

Best to you, :) :)


Hello, the normal range for saturated oxygen is 88% to 100%. What you have on a daily basis (80%), that is, IF IT IS on a daily basis, is not normal, and eventually could cause damage to all your internal organs. You are also possibly setting yourself up for congestive heart failure down the road. You did not mention weather or not you are having 80% blood sat oxygen or not, but if you are having it daily, the please read the following....

You could possibly be setting yourself up for Congestive Heart Failure and Respiratory Failure. The heart fully rely's on oxygen, and if it doesn't get oxygen, then the lungs begin to accumulate water, and so do other parts of the body, and this is called, edema. But, if the edema is not taken care of, over time, especially the lungs, then we end up eventually having respiratory failure, and also congestive heart failure.

Congestive heart failure occurs due to the respiratory failure. The heart simply stops pumping the blood to the rest of the body. So it is best to promptly get some more oxygen into your system, by calling (or visiting) your doctor and speak to him/her over the phone, and with his/her permission, turn 'up' the oxygen dial, and use an oximeter to adjust it. This will save you from an office visit (if telephoning).

I hope this helps, but the reason I know this, is because CHF happened to me, and it is not fun!

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Oh that is so painful,Harry had it a couple of times,sorry can't add to the great advice you've been given,do hope all will be well soon!

Hugs,Wen xxx


Hi pigsty, hoping you are feeling better by now and had better advice by your GP. I was advised by my local respiratory clinic to aim for at least sats of 93. I too am on night time ventilation (I have kyphoscoliosis). I am on 1 litre oxygen at rest and 3 - 4 litre when active.


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