Free Travel Pass part 2

I went to get my Free travel pass as a Blue Bade holder again a few days back. This time parked and paid so I could take the BB in with me. Well only one in front of me and a little wait and we went to the desk and put the badge on the desk with my photo ID driving licence. Asked can I apply for a Travel pass please? "Okay I need some ID?" Here is my BB with my photo on issued by my County Council who passed all their confirmation requests, this is my photo ID driving licence with my address?

I will now need another form of information confirming your name and address plus as much information as to what is wrong with you, medical letters etc. ? So as politely as I could muster I replied "Does not the fact I have been issued a blue badge show that I have been deemed disabled, and have trouble getting about. Can you not check that my driving licence is at the same address as my council tax bill? Do you need my conditions so the bus/train driver can treat me in emergencies? Why was I not told this the first time I came?" "Sorry this is what we need and I know it seems silly but I cannot process it without."

By the time I get around to doing the part 3 I am sure they will have added another little nugget to make my life a little harder than it already is. Onwards and upwards

Be well

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  • This is absolutely ridiculous. Have no idea why they making it SO difficult for you?! You're getting pass because entitled because have Blue Badge..... Therefore it is not up to pass people to query disability.....

    We have enough to deal with, without this absolute nonsense.

    Hope you sort it soon so can take advantage of the nice weather to get out and about.

  • Bureaucrats do not work on a logical solution!

  • OMG ridiculous jobsworth. How about taking in your sputum pot - full of course next time, just in case they don't have enough evidence! ;-) cx

  • Did think of pointing to my tracheostomy scar and say it was not a piercing mistake ;)

  • These people are ridiculous aren't they? Or perhaps it is the system - good luck xx

  • People are paid to make the rules that keep the people in work. But once real people have figured it out they change the rules?

  • Oh Offcut, such beaurocracy drives you insane doesn't it! As you say, why could they not have told you all this before you went, yet again, to get your free travel pass. It just beggars belief. People have Blue Badges because they are ill and do not need hassle like this. Third time lucky as they say. Wishing and hoping. xxxx

  • They are going to get so much paperwork next time it will make their eyes bleed.

  • Good for you. xxx :)

  • Guess what they are saying is you should walk everywhere. Then you wouldn't need the blue badge either. See problem sold. Mouse now scampering off to hole before the foot gets me. ☺ x 🐀

  • :D We all wish it was as simple as that ;)

  • For heavens sakes...large cardboard box stuffed full of every bill...every Doctors letter...photographs of you at the seaside when you were two...medical dictionary to help with the long words...tip entire contents out on desk

  • Not to heavy or I will end up collapsed on the floor with all the weight seeing as I cannot park in the disabled section at the front?

  • I sort of understand the ID but as for the rest baffles me too.

  • Why is it everything you ask for, which is genuine is such a fight to obtain - I sympathise with you off-cut

    What annoyed me on TV was Mr Cameron stating 'The people who have worked, saved and contributed should be the ones who should benefit the most, :P I have never been unemployed since leaving school at 15, and paid into a pension since I was 17 (smart I thought), it appears as everything is means tested I am not eligible for the majority of thing because of my pension which doesn't even pay my mortgage and the fact I am under 60 - Everything is a fight at a time when you need to be enjoying the time you have left with the family not filling in forms to try and survive - It's a good job I don't swear :P :P :P :D !!!!!!!!!!

    Rant Over -Give them hell Offcut


  • I am at the planning stage now! ;)

  • Morning Offcut, Makes you want to scream doesn't it, JOBS WORTH comes to mind, Regards Bulpit

  • Without a doubt! Why make something simple when it is not them having to go though it all!

  • Next time you go take a copy of the bb and leave that in the car when you get in the place with all your papers and they ask you what your condition is just hand them the papers and be as stubborn as they were while humming two ca play that game.

  • Do not worry I am going to make them go though every bit of information and make sure they are aware of the implications it has on me.

  • Just wondering is it

    The new rules made up by your Tory council to dissuade

    You or is it the one interviewing you?If it is the latter speak to thier superior and complain.Ups tried to deliver a parcel and on the slip they left "if somebody else collects item photo ID of YOU must be produced" so what they going to compare it too ?I,m baft!!!

  • Farmer it has nothing to do with wo is running the local council we have the same rules and we are labour

  • It is all just to make our lives a bit more harder.Give em hell offcut. mags x

  • I intend too. ;)

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