Feeling good so stand by ;)

Good morning you lovely people I am recovering fast and feel really good this morning after a full nights sleep which was a bonus in its self, so will go for a little walk and then potter around in my man cave also known as my garage, but I was listening to what you said and will not go mad, just as I said potter :)

Whilst I was in hospital a man came in who had swallowed a load of coins, even with treatment by the time I left there was no change.

Then there was the cross eyed teacher who just could not control his pupils.

My cousin has invented a new type of broom, he is pleased to say its sweeping the nation.

Writing here reminds me of the time I swallowed some food colouring by mistake, the doctor said I would be OK but I felt like I had dyed a little inside.

Right a couple for coughalot

Q...What do you call a handcuffed man.


Dear Lord.

I pray for Wisdom to understand my man. Love to forgive him. and Patience for his moods.

Because Lord, if I pray for strength, I will beat him to death. AMEN.

Q...What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man ?

A... A rumour

Thats it folks for now try and stay happy and remember it takes less energy to smile that frown .

Love to you all Fred xxx :) ;)

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  • Lol...lol, it's good to know you're feeling much better Fred...hope you have nice potter in the garage. Don't forget to put your feet up and chill out at some point. Have a lovely day Fred...raining here this morning. :-) xxx

  • Lyn I don't want it to rain on your parade, its dry here but still cold and windy, I have a chair and radio in the garage so will do as you say. Look after yourself love and stay safe and dry unless you have plans to go out and about. Love as always xxx Fred ;)

  • Oh wow Fred you are bouncing back, a good nights sleep works wonders! Brilliant jokes especially the cough ones! Love LeeLee. 😍. Xxxxx

  • You go steady as well LeeLee I hope you are in the dry there as, we are but Lyn has the rain I hope she does not shrink, but then again I could but her in my pocket and keep her with me. Right LeeLee enjoy your day if possible. Love Fred xxx :)

  • Brightened my morning.....wrap up well when you are pottering...blue hazy sky here but still cold. Take care

  • Thanks knitter weather the same here, keep warm xx FRED :)

  • Great start to the day, pleased that you are improving, X

  • Cheers June enjoy your day I hope. xxFred :)

  • dull day here but should be clear

    according to the forecast! glad to hear you are feeling better, just dont get carried away and overdo it.

    Had all my shopping delivered by a nice Tesco man. Bargain of the week for us is Finest rib of beef half price. Had one of these last Sunday and it was delicious.

    I really like getting a home delivery each week. I can compare prices on line much easier than in the store and am not influenced by display arrangements, ie less lucrative items at floor level. Several supermarkets within a short walk if I feel like a browse, which is very seldom. None of the Easter crush in the carpark either.

    Love Iris x

  • I will be taking it careful as I have been warned by several of you lovely ladies and would hate to have to admit I was back in hospital through not doing as I was told. We also like having the shopping done on line and brought to the house, we have a Morrison and a Waitrose here so both ends of the scale.

    Speak later look after yourself Love Fred xxx :)

  • Good day Fred

    You just keep getting funnier all the time. Lol ---- Glad your feeling so well.Don't be taking on the world yet young man! Great weather here today. 65 degrees! Thats a heat wave here! Have a great day Fred

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi there Ruby hope you are are alright with that heat, its the humidity I have trouble with. Its dry but cold the sun is just poking its head out so fingers crossed. Where abouts are you over there I have family in a few states there my eldest cousin lives in Tamarac Florida and been there for approx 50yrs now. Right stay safe Love Fred xxx :)

  • I'm in New Jersey Fred. My 65 is like 18 to you. Thats a nice temp. Not really hot. 😊😊 xx

  • It's good to know your felling better ! :)

  • Cheers pal hope your staying well :) Fred

  • Great you're improving Fred. Keep the funny one liners coming :-) cx

  • Made my morning to hear you are feeling much better,onward and upward,but GENTLY, loved this mornings selection, Lol I feel sure some of us can relate to them,Lol

  • Hi there redted thanks for that, I am sure most males can relate to some of those. Regards Fred.

  • Hope you are alright cx good to hear from you, xx Fred :)

  • "I'm late ,I'm late,im late,im in a rabbit stew,as he ran across the meadow ,looking at his pocket watch,I'm in a rabbit stew,oh no, he was off to buy some more joke books,ha ha ,that even made blondes laugh .

  • I don't think you would ever be late though colours, I pleased it made some blondes laugh as I have this thing about blondes and redheads. xxxFred :) ;)

  • Just thought I'd let you know that my cousin who is a top specialist in cancer at S/ Hampton but lives in Guernsey,he and his wife ( nurse) are going to Switzerland for a month to study the latest in lung cancer,Switzerland is probably top country for health ,so their will be better and more help for people who have it.so gives hope and .new treatments.

  • Thanks for that most interesting, I am sure there will be more improvement towards sorting lung cancer, I have seen a few in the 8 years I have lived with the same, the treatment I have just had on one long holds it at bay for a while which keeps me going, not a cure but knocks the tumours about, the last time I had it was a year ago so if they have to do it each year I am happy, I go to have the other one done in a couple of months. xxxFred :)

  • Cheeeeeky! That's about the size of it though Fred :d Now don't forget to follow instructions and just potter - pretend you have a kiln in your man cave :) Have a good day smiler. xx

  • Hi there cough yes will do , sun is out now up this bit of coast but rather cold, stay well xxFred :) ;)

  • You're in good spirits Fred - lovely to see :) :)

    I have a man-cave in the garden - my studio. Its called a womb though :D

  • Morning pal good to read you and see you are back now from your poorly time or so it seems, you sound full of fun, I have a radio and chair in my man cave, I am not going to ask what you have in yours lol ;) ;D XXXFred

  • thanks for the humour Fred

  • Cheers Tony.

  • It's great to hear your feeling so much better Fred, just don't over do it. It's a beautiful day here in Yorkshire, it's lifted my spirits no end. Take it easy. xx

  • Thanks casper its been rather nice here in Devon as well , Yorkshire one of the places I have always wanted to visit, but never got there, been nearly every where else, so one day I just might make it . Keep smiling Fred xxx :)

  • It's great to think of you pottering in the garage Fred, a little of what you fancy does you good πŸ˜€ 🚒 so pleased you are feeling much better😊🍰🍟 hugs huff xxx

  • Thanks huff I like the idea of a little of what you fancy does you good, but I was only pottering, thanks for the hugs have a good weekend xxxFred :) ;) :D

  • You are definitely feeling better Fred, which is great news. Thank you for all the laughter and joy you bring. Enjoy Easter and take care just pottering. xxxx :)

  • Thanks sassy you go careful and ask questions, you and Pete have a good Easter.

    xxxFred :)

  • Morning Fred,Delighted to read your post, all that TLC has paid off, Have a good Easter,Keep pottering, Best wishes, Bulpit

  • Morning Fred, only just read your post so it's an extra smile for me this morning 😊😊 I'm so pleased to hear you're recovering well. Can't keep a good man down eh?, πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday and I'll now wait to read today's jokes.

    Jan xx

  • xxx :)

  • Lovely to hear you are on the mend Fred,but take it easy x

  • Cheers all going the right way x

  • I can see you're getting back to your old self Fred- good to have you back. Take it slowly in your man cave ......no disco dancing! Happy Easter. :-D XX

  • Cheers Nikkers I am not quite ready to boggy just yet will give you a shout when I am. Have a great weekend xxx Fred :) ;)

  • Good to see you are making such good progress Fred :) :) xx

  • Cheers Katie xx :)

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