Severe hypertension

Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing OK?

I have just received a report from the Brompton Hospital stating that as well as severe COPD, I also have severe pulmonary hypertension on echocardiogram. Yet the PH Consultant does not plan any further treatment options because of my severe lung disease just review in 3 months? I will, however be treated by the COPD team. I have accepted an appointment for a sleep study test at the end of April.

Just wondered if anybody had experienced something similar?

All the best


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  • Cant help Malinka. I am thought to have slight PH and am having another echo in April. Also severe copd. Im not sure what the treatment would be. Hopefully someone will come along with some answers.

  • Hi Thanks for replying. Someone suggested contacting BLF so I think I might seek their advice.


  • Hi Malinka, I can't help you either on this one but I think it's not uncommon for us folks with severe breathing problems, to have PH as well. Maybe a call to the BLF helpline might be helpful.

    Good Luck !

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. I may call BLF. Thanks for the advice.


  • Hi, I don't have PH but there is a webinar all about it on go to the archives and scroll down to webinar 22 at the bottom. Hope it helps. x

  • Hello, I have just joined this site so apologies if I am a little delayed with replying to anyone. I also have pulmonary hypertension class iii which was diagnosed a year ago. It is caused by a hole in my heart(asd) that I wasnt aware of until last year -only took 40 yrs to diagnose lol, I have been told it is inoperable due to severity of my ph which leaves treatment options limited as treating the cause of ph is its most effective treatment. I have been on sildenafil and diuretics for7 mths. could your ph be caused by your copd? A right heart catheterisation is the definitive test for ph, have you had one done, as it may poss help with any future treatment options. Hope you find the answers you need. Lynda7 x

  • Welcome to the site.

    Thanks for replying to me. Hopefully I will get answers from the Brompton once I have been for a sleep study test at the end of April.

    I thought that a hole in the heart would have been diagnosed when you were a baby? Sorry to hear about your ph. Hope they can eventually do more for you.

    All the best


  • Hello malinka, sorry having trouble knowing how to use this site as ive never been very good with type of technology!

    In this day and age a pregnant mother would be given several ultrasound tests through out her pregnancy but 41 years ago when my mum was pregnant this wasnt available and like many others with adult congenial heart defects our hole in the heart doesnt get diagnosed until many years later. Is the sleep study test your having to help diagnose conditions such as sleep apnoea which can also be a cause of ph? Or as part of your copd treatment?

    wishing you well. Lynda7

  • Hi Lynda

    Nice to hear from you again. My knowledge of the hole in the heart only comes from a work colleague's grandson who was born with that condition back in 2004. Of course they must have had the all the ultra sounds etc. The little boy was successfully operated on when he was 2 at the Brompton and he is still being monitored Sorry I didn't mean to be insensitive!

    The sleep study test is in connection with COPD mainly. I assume that the PH developed because of my progressive COPD. Hopefully the test will provide some answers.

    Hope you had a nice Easter and are feeling well?

    All the best


  • Good morning malinka, hope you are well. You were not being insensitive at all so please dont apologise. There are so many types of medical issues affecting all connected with these sites and how are we to know about all of them, its impossible! I wish I could give you some helpful advice regarding your copd but my knowledge is I'm affraid minimal.

    im off to local hospital for a very early appointment with my dear friend Mary whom is (, since losing my mum to cancer over 4 years back) , like a mum to me, she will recieve biopsy results on a lump that has grown on the inside of her mouth. Fingers crossed that we get the thumbs up and all clear.Take care and thanks for your reply. Lynda7 x

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