Hi all, not been on here for a while, my!, I have COPD diagnosed nearly 2yrs ago. I had to give up my full time job as it was very physical & outdoors mainly night shifts in all weathers, however I was offered a position based in the workshop part time, at the time I needed the money after 5 months on SSP, I was told all the 'dusty' jobs would be done when I wasn't around, but that didn't last long!. Pulling my hair out...what other work can I do with my condition.. I'm 54 with severe COPD! I go go down the PIP route??... Need to do something ....? Baz

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  • If you are still fit enough to work thats fab but you have to stay away from dusty work conditions it will have a terrible affect on you x

  • Hi how about wearing a mask? Would that help? If you feel you aren't fit enough to work you could try claiming ESA but it is getting tougher. You can claim PIP whether you are working or not as it is a stand alone benefit. Also it is not taxable (well at present anyway).

    Maybe you could retrain for office work or similar as that wouldn't be very strenuous or very dusty but it depends a lot on the type of work available in your area and whether you could or want to retrain at your age. It's not easy is it? x

  • Is there anyone at work you can speak to? Do you have an HR department? You need to get away from dusty conditions and hopefully your Company can accommodate you elsewhere. If not, then as cough says, it is not easy. I do wish you luck., xx

  • This illness is very individual. I have Stage 4 very severe emphysema. I still do the part time job I was doing 4 years ago when I was diagnosed. I do 4 hour shifts from 6pm till 10pm 3 or 4 nights a week in all weathers. Oddly enough I feel so much better for it. All that I can say is I keep as active as I can and I think this is one of the best things to do . I hope you find something you can do.

  • The problem with our illness is being in places where people have the flu winter being the worst

  • Very true onamission! It is hard finding the right conditions to work in as, although you can be indoors and reasonably protected in an office environment, when a cold or flu goes round the office, not many people escape it.

  • Thanks for all your replies!, I will keep you updated... Meanwhile I spent some time in the garden Saturday, mainly planting & digging, now my backs gone agen too!.. Lol. Hopefully be fit enough for an Easter break in Wales!??.. Baz x

  • You should put your PIP claim in,not sure if you need to sort out the ESA first.If you,re not in a union talk to the CAB.Claiming anything,unless it,s tax avoidance,will be a lot more difficult if the Tories get back into power.Good luck.D.

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