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Please sign new petition:

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Can anyone rescue Dora? Ive rotated her in photoshop but she still comes out sideways. I was sent the pic by her other owner and it was the right way up then so no idea why its shifted.

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  • Just signed the petition hope your feeling a bit better x

  • She is cute no matter if sideways .

  • Sure is, I'm just getting a stiff neck. I havent seen much of her since getting ill but she was round yesterday for a hour, so sweet in her "chenille" phase which is already rapidly growing out.

  • :D :D

  • Signed. Lovely dog. Oh how I wish I could cope with one but sadly I find one cat sometimes too much Suzy xx

  • Im not surprised. I couldn't have Dora full time. I have made a fantastic friendship with Yve who used to live one door down. She got Dora and when i said i was looking for a dog share she immediately said, "share Dora". She has her more than i do, and especially at the mo, but sees us as co-owners and we make decisions about her together.

    Yve is about 10 years younger but has had radical neck resection for tongue cancer in the autumn so has been through a lot. At that time we had Dora all the time. She's made a brilliant recovery though, Yve i mean :)

    And she takes Dora for an hour long walk each day, something i just couldn't do.

    Thanks for signing :) xx

  • You have given me an idea. When the warmer weather comes I will offer my services to local Animal rescue Centre as a dog walker. Exercise and enjoyment rolled into one xxxsuzy

  • Brilliant Suzy :) :)

  • Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I take a pic the right way up, choose and send it the right way up but on here, they sometimes (not always) get published sideways? Only on here.

    When I saw "can anyone rescue Dora" I almost leapt into the car to come and rescue her!!

    Will sign petition xx

  • Yeah, but I'm a photographer - no excuses my end.

  • Its ok for cameron and his cronies they will be tucked up in a private hospital bed ......SHAME ON THEM

  • Damn right Mandy.

  • Petition signed - Dora has such a lovely soulful face - hope you have a speedy recovery.


  • Such a little cutie...even

    Hope you're feeling lots better O2 :-)

  • I just saw Dora in the other post, or she has a twin! Anyway you look at her, shes adorable. This post, that post or even side ways.


  • She might have sneaked in somewhere else Ruby. I tried the other day but couldn't, but perhaps the pic arrived later. Best laid plans etc :)

  • Hi I just signed the petition - sideways! :) x

  • Hahahaha :D

    My life is sideways at present. x

  • :d :) xx

  • Just signed O2 and Dora is beautiful however you look at her. Take care xxxx

  • Im standing on my head now :D

  • " Signed and posted your petition jean...... and added it on facebook and twitter too...:)..Megan."

  • Great thanks Megan. I forgot to ask people to share :) :)

  • Signed!

    Love one like Dora or a JR but like Suzy find kitty more than enough to look after. He is a bred housecat and not meant to go outdoors. He likes us to go into the garden with him and waits by the door for one of us to go out with him!

    Hope your health is on the up and up O2 and that you are taking no chances honey.

    Sara. xx

  • Im trying to be good Sara, doesn't come easy though :D

    Hope you're ok xx

  • Happily signed petition,is the sideways picture not just to do with the odd size HU uses,some of mine go sideways and some not(all taken on IPad).Bonnie dog.D. 👀

  • Maybe, I've no idea really. Does seem likely doesn't it since so many other features are a bit wacky. :X

  • Happy to. Spotted, noted and signed.


  • Signed and pleased to have you back. Sorry don't do facebook or twitter.

  • Just cool that you signed WS, thanks :)

  • just signed

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