Ok Guys this exercise video could be the worst yet, I guess you'll be the judge of that. There's to much bad dancing? and even singing? :)

Ok Guys this exercise video could be the worst yet, I guess you'll be the judge of that. There's to much bad dancing? and even singing?  :)

I made this one over a week ago and after watching it I thought OMG what are you doing dall. Still never the less Tiger the cat wanted me to post it as he keeps popping up in it so here it is.


I guess if it gets you puffing you can 'do anything you want to do' and its all good eh' Healthunlockeders.

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  • great video workout Tony :)

  • Your being way to kind eye's, I blame the cat, he made me post it He He.

  • I love these videos, keep em coming. Wonder if some others will join in and do a few too. That would be great. Well done Tony. And Tiger ;-)

  • Glad you like um' lloegr, I have some fun and get fit at the same time, hopefully some healthunlockeders are out there getting fit with me.


  • I'm right there with you Tony!

    Lets all get fit together!


  • Having some fun while getting fit at the same time seems like a good idea don't it Ruby. xx

  • Yes some music and fancy moves sweating to the oldies!


  • Cant beat the oldies for some fancy moves can you Ruby, better than most of the stuff they play these days. x

  • Give us some twist and shout from the Beatles. Can we keep up with that? Try us Tony. I think I can. Can you?


  • Twisting has got to be good for the waistline so I'm sure I'll find room for some in the next video if my lungs are capable.

    If you can do it Ruby, I'll have to won't I :) .

    Tony x

  • Yeah! Cutting some shapes! I love the way the oxygen tube is swung around in the style of Mick Jagger's microphone hehe! πŸ˜€

  • Maybe I'll do my next exercise video to a few stones songs eh'Fern. Did you get some 'satisfaction' from my video Ha Ha.

  • Haha I always do! It's great to see you being so cheery and upbeat!

  • Loved it Tony great music and groovy moves and a nice smiley face,you cheered me up this morning, keep up the good work, you have given me some excercise ideas that't for sure x

  • Exercise can be fun cant it biker, even if your just laughing at me that must be burning some calories.

    Glad I've cheered you with my little vid, hope you have fun trying out some of those moves. :) xx

  • Think Tiger was trying to sabotage your exercise plan there....has he been watching Simon and his Cat videos on You tube

  • Hi Knitter, just watched Simons cat on you tube and I see where your coming from. :) . Pretty sure Tiger moved my oxygen pipe to trip me up so I'll have to watch him from now on. Ha Ha

  • Great video of Tiger - shame you kept stealing his 15 minutes of fame πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. But seriously, we love your videos and they really cheer us up. Keep up the good work!!

    Jan xx

  • That darn Tiger cat keeps stealing the limelight, I doubt if anyone notices me slogging away do they. Ha Ha :)

    Do you think I could swing a cat in my front room Jan, maybe we'll find out in the next video eh'.

    Tony xx

  • Loving you dancing and singing and loving Tiger the cat too. What a lovely puss. You take care Tony and keep up the good work. xxxxx

  • Just shows sassy, even though were restricted by these cream crackered lungs we can still have some fun yeh' . xxxxx

  • Hi Tony,I very rarely post but read other`s posts every day and you`ve inspired me today. Loved the music ( and Tiger he`s gorgeous). I`m on oxygen too so I`m going to follow your example and get moving ! By the way, where can I get the blue stretchy thing ? Sheila x

  • Hi Sheila, glad you enjoyed my fun video starring Tiger the cat. :) . Just shows that being on oxygen doesn't stop you from having fun.

    I'm pretty sure I got the exercise elastic bands from Argos as a set of three different colour/strength tensions. The blue one suits me best I found.

    Turn up the oxygen and give it a go but only at a pace that suits you. xx

  • Thanks for that Tony I`m going to get myself some and give it a whirl !

    Sheila x

  • Hi Sheila, I got my " blue stretchy thing" from ebay...lots of different strengths and colours there

  • Oh thank you for that knitter I`ll give ebay a try right away. Tony amazes me with his stamina but I guess I`ve got to start somewhere !

    Cheers, Sheila x

  • Lol! Laughing at myself as every reply I can think of now sounds like something Frankie Howard would say πŸ˜€!!!!!!! I'm going to enjoy it ( the video πŸ˜€ ) later, I can't seem to get two minutes to myself when the big fella's home !πŸ˜€ I know it will put me to shame Tony, but I have been walking the walk every day!πŸ˜€huffxx

  • Hope you have some fun giving it a go hp, that's my aim at the end of the day.

    Keep walking that walk and you'll soon be making your own video for me to try out yeh'

    Tony xxx

  • Flipping brilliant Tony...I was exhausted just watching you. lol. Keep up the good work you are such an inspiration. :-)

  • Thanks Jolyn, I can't do photo's like you which are amazing so I thought why not give the Healthunlockeders a few ideas to make exercise a little less boring and a bit more fun.

    Glad you enjoyed it and hope you have fun giving it a go. :)

    Tony x

  • :-) I am downloading this to have it out loud at 4 am when I can't sleep! Great fun! Mic

  • Best put your earphones on Mic, or the neighbors might be complaining. I had fun making the video so I'm glad you think so too. Thanks!!


  • OK swinging Dal! Or is ti swinging Daily! :-P

  • Hi Tony,

    You never cease to amaze. Your determination & enthusiasm to give it your all is simply inspirational. Many able bodied folk I know sit around moaning over trivial rot and here you are dealing with what you've been dealt and inspiring others in the process. You make me smile, hit my feet and join in. And Tiger well he's just precious and a star in the making!

    Suz xx

  • Brilliant way to I must say your brave putting a video on but its brilliant

  • Thanks joke, exercise is good for us but I do it for a bit of fun also. If you have a look back through my old posts there's plenty more where that come from. :) .

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