Needing The Patience of Job

There are times when my patience is surely tried to breaking point...

Shop on-line they's easy they might well be if you live in England or Timbuktu...or the outer reaches of Mongolia.

If you happen to live in the Republic of Ireland then you'd better think again before drooling over some must have crafty item that you simply can't live without, because the minute you've spent interminable hours filling out on-line forms and go to click on the 'pay now'...up pops a helpful message...'Sorry, this item cannot be delivered to R.O.I.'

You'd have thought I'd have learnt my lesson by now and remembered to look at delivery options and details first...sometimes I do remember. Other times I don't.

Then you find a firm that'll actually struggle to the post office with your modest parcel...and the postage takes your breath away.

I found a site which sells beautiful decoupage's very thin...almost like tissue paper...and weighs virtually nothing even if you buy a wodge of it...this firm has an excellent selection and is modestly priced. They charge ten pounds sterling postage. Change that to the hateful, horrible, nasty euro and it'd be around thirteen euro postage for an item which is costing three sterling and weighs as much as the average letter...

Then there are the countless times I see free downloads available for all manner of goodies...everything from crochet patterns to templates for simple I click on the download and they ask me to I join up...then I ask for the download again and they say the e-mail I've provided is already in use...well it would be, I've just used it to join, in order to download a template of a stupid bird...I fill the form in again and it bounces straight back at me...this time it's the password at fault. Ask to re-set the password and lo and behold when they send a link to click, the page is 'unavailable'

So I swore and tried to fathom out how to use the flower loom which came free with a magazine instead.

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  • The only answer is going to be to talk to "Himself" about returning to Norfolk :-D

  • I think that is very silly actually...but I'll forgive you just this

  • Seriously, would it be more cost effective to have someone in England order for you and then post it on to you?

  • It would I think and someone reading this has offered to do precisely that!

  • Lol,I understand completely,been there.

  • Where? To Norfolk?

    I found it depressing. Rained every single day and the town we stayed in was closed. All week.

  • It may be featureless but at least it's flat. No hills to punish the lungs.

  • The south may be flat. The northern end. It has rolling hills similar to the South and North Downs, Chilterns, etc. and other tertiary chalk folding. The cliffs at Cromer etc.

  • No I meant the same confused state when trying to order on line,but have been to Norfolk many times when we used to tour with the caravan

  • Sounds much like

  • Very testing times for you vashti and you are right, I have often seen things that are not available in the R.O.I. It all seems a bit daft to me as you are not that far away. It's not like sending something to the other side of the world say. Crazy! Good luck with the flower loom. Take care xxxx

  • How awful, we crafties need our supplies like now! The suggestion of getting someone here to post them to you seems like a good idea. Do you get the craft t.v. programmes over there ? that might be a good route to go down - unless of course they do not deliver to R.O.I

    I have found in the past that good quality wrapping paper works well for decoupage and of course you get an individual design.

    Best of luck

  • You didn't give my post a Recommend though :'-) sulk

  • Wrapping paper in our local shops veers towards the cute kittens etc....I'll have a look when we go further afield...good idea Emmo though, thanks...

  • Yuck, definitely not cute kittens! I had a look online at Create and Craft and see that their

    postage to you would be very high. Cannon have a programme called Cannon Creative

    Park you could look at. Enjoy your crafting.

  • Know what you are saying Vashti, it's the same when you want to send things to a none English address. Doesn't it drive you crazy after all the input the order is refused or says the info you put in is wrong. Beware catching the cap locks to, my computer now tells me after a couple of tries if my cap locks are on by mistake. Good luck with your next on line order.

  • The age of technology has its good points I suppose but its so frustating isn't it Vashti......sigh. I hope you're feeling well. :-)

  • I know how you feel as i also live in republic ireland but as i live near border with northern ireland so i post my letters in northern ireland and parcels it's cheaper and i get my sister to send me items that they will not deliver to here. i also get my shopping from asda .Since living here i have never had a parcel delivery company deliver to me they make me pick it up miles from where i live had so many punch up's with them but because others accept this i get no where with them. I'm so pleased i live near Enniskillen with marks spencer ,pound shop, and pets at home it would cost me a fortune to feed my 3 old english sheepdogs and 5 cats i had dumped on me if i had to shop local.

  • Will Amazon and ebay post to you? I seem to recall one of them has it's head office in the R.O.I.

    I live in Norfolk by the way, have been in Norwich 40 years, and spent much of my childhood here.

    The villages are dull and there aren't many places to go off the beaten track.

  • We lived in Norfolk as well...!

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