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Chest infection

Two weeks ago I had just come of doxycycline for a chest infection and the doc have me the all clear. Now I am experiencing chest pain again.. Sometimes it feels as though it's coming from my lungs, my sternum, my ribs, my sides and sometimes even the top of my stomach! I really don't know what to think anymore I haven't been feeling myself since november last year. Has my chest infection come back? Is there something worse wrong with me?

Doctor said he did hear a lot on my left lung.

I was on doxycycline for a week.

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* also it doesn't hurt when I breathe in its a pain that comes and goes throughout the day for about 5 seconds at a time, not extremely painful but just enough to know that it's there..


Hi FreyaFrankie, may I make a suggestion go back to your GP nd tell him or her which evers the case, you want an xray to see whats going on also a scan , gps cannot not refuse you this, might fob you of and say o bla its nothing but you insist hear you want xrays and scan asap, to put your mind at ease , if theres anything going on in your lungs it will hopefully be picked up sooner rather than later, and the right treatment can get started, from your post I don't no if you already have had xrays or a scan so if you have ask the gp of the findings, if you havnt id get them done as soon as , pain can be musicilar as well, but till you get xrays scan you wont no really,, good luck,


I cant find what is wrong with you so it is difficult to make a suggestion.

Your Profile doesn't say!


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Hi - I have to agree with all of the above suggestions Freya, you must go back to your GP and ask for an X-Ray at the very least. If antibiotics haven't helped and you're still not feeling right then he (the GP) should be trying to help you - that's what they're there for.

I know this winter's chest virus has been a particularly nasty one and for some of us, it's taking a long time to clear up.

At least an X-Ray will give you a answer and then your GP and you can discuss what the next step is. All will be OK ☺️ And try not to worry too much.


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