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Pulmonary Emphysema Associated with Heavy Asbestos Exposer

Pulmonary Emphysema  Associated with Heavy Asbestos Exposer

I can't understand why medical profession have such trouble with Asbestos and Emphysema.

I cant be first lung disease asbestos suffer to look at coughed up lung material lung tissue under a microscope.

In fact am not .. As most of us submit sputum samples.

Can i smell a rat .. or is it that old what will kill us first disease or infection and what medical profession put down to acceptable level of disease given our ages.

A think it is .. as can't be incompetent must be denial.

Anyway as medical profession are in denial i might as well take credit for finding Answer to dose Asbestos cause Emphysema or more precise Pulmonary Emphysema Associated with Heavy Asbestos Exposer.

I wont hold my breath waiting for my honours degree as there for mp's lord mayors.

But in all seriousness given my own lung condition and lung martial i have had pleasure in couching up looking at.

I have been lucky as i have been able to track log with help of blf my own Pulmonary Emphysema Associated with Heavy Asbestos Exposer via Chronic Lung Inflammation effects on my own lung tissue.

Am no Boffin just a suffer like others just wanting to understand what is happing to me.

And yes Pulmonary Emphysema is Associated with Heavy Asbestos Exposer as i have been able to see prove.

I dont know why the iron in asbestos become active and trigerd chronic lung inflammation that resulted in stronger inflammation juice from gut acid

But what i do no it weakend my immunity opining door to infections and pneumonia.

Why am i on nebuliser its to stop

Mucus riping whats left of my lungs apart given my chronic Emphysema that is very much so Associated with Heavy Asbestos Exposer as every picture of coughed up lung martial is black necrotic stained with inflammation and has asbestos fibres imbedded init.

A dont propose to let my lung doc of the hook that easy .. as am sure if i was of a different class i would of been treated with credit due .

Instead am left fighting something that is very and quite obvious cause of my disease.

As you can see from picture .. One on top left is asbestos fibber with inflammation build up Now inflammation builds up on lung tissue not thin air so as inflammation acid builds up it destroys your lung tissue esp if it cant easily desolve fibres.

Causes Pulmonary Emphysema well in my case

Threw your breathing action and uncontrolled inflammation weakling avoli walls lung structure guess that's why my lung doc said emphtemataious changes eh

Picture two top right is coughed up lung tissue showing same as picture one on top left .. Expect you can see real world processes of various stages of asbestos induced lung inflammation necrosis end stage emphysema.

Picture three on bottom left is close up of picture two showing bell shape asbestos fibber in lung tissue.

Picture four on bottom right is close up of lung strutter showing chronic inflammation before necrosis a emphysema as once that sets in this nothing to take picture of .

Thos are bits that are to big for your liver to process so rightly so you cough them up In sputum.

If i was a drinker i would have club fingers as thats where bits you dont cough up go ... could go on about asbestos and liver cancer or fevers n infections.

But i think doctors medical

Profession know to well asbestos cause Pulmonary Emphysema Associated with Asbestos

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It's easier to blame smoking ,get out of responsibility as the system is too rigid and the importance is on money not health. Why are the hospitals so full? If there pharmacuticals work only for prophit and mask illness to u die!


well found articles Denis,

thanks Linda


I think you do so well to research your condition Daz and are still showing lots of fight and spirit to get the medical profession to listen to you. It is such a hard fight I know but you have so many good points to make and I feel it is disgusting that you are ignored.

I wish you well and may you have the strength to continue your fight Daz. Take care and wishing you well. xxx


I wonder what my diagnosis would of been if I knew before 2008 that I HAD worked with brown asbestos for over 10 years? My wife was told when I was in ICU that it all looks like cancer from Asbestos. But I wrongly thought it was a safe alternative I had worked with and it was not. Once I found out the truth 2.5 years ago They are now basing all my problems on my 2008 CT of my compartmentalized lungs. empymea and a 2010 xray of my lungs when I had pneumonia?

Even though I have read many clinical reports that state new research shows the attack is on the plerual area first and may not show on Xray until it is established! It gives a ground glass effect on the xray.

My first consultant 2 years ago explained what they look for on xrays with the white grey and black etc. but as soon as he started going down the xray and I pointed out a large white clump and the grey on it he turned it off and moved onto something else? He could not get me out of the room quick enough?

My GP would not put me in for a Spiro for years and it was only the asbestos that forced their hand.

I have been treated in such a different way from 2008 to now it does seem like a directive has forced the medical peeps into denial?

Be Well


The Health Professionals are in denial about a lot of things which, very much thanks to social media, are now being researched by ordinary people like you and me. We don't have a string of letters after our names but we were taught that 2+2 does not equal 5! Cause and effect contain some of the biggest porkies ever seen - you can live until 97, but if you ever smoked in your life they'll add it to the smoking related disease figure - imagine how that helps the statistics. Keep on researching and demanding answers, the only losers are those who don't fight.


So much is kept hidden from us Daz and not just about the asbestos. I think The NHS would take fright if all were revealed. Keep up the good fight. You have opened a lot of eyes. There are a few NHS leaders who think they are mightier than God and forget who is paying them. Take care. xx

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I don't mean to upset you but in my local paper yesterday was a article where a old man had died and they recorded a verdict of asbestos, is it only recognised when your dead so you can't claim compensation ?

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hi onamission,, asbestos can not be seen by the naked eye, it can take 40 years but its there if you have one fibre waiting to wake up, and it will,then again it can take less to wake up, everyone is different and until the greed corporates stop messing around saying o theres no asbestos r o dump it there so the wind can carry it for miles n miles, it takes specialists to recognize asbestos, specialists treatment to determen wich asbestos you have, its one hard fight to prove you have been exposed to any form of asbestos, hide yes they hide and say no you havnt got that, then boom you have, greed corruption ignorant politicans at there worst, its a money spinner now for greedy solicators who are jumping on the compo wagons, some claimants are lucky but many are not, its loopholes within loopholes and the families suffer ,, many woman have died with meso why, because they washed there parteners clothes and inhaled it, ,maybe he didn't no he had asbestos the guy whats died god rest his soul,,its a tricky nasty vile piece of work any asbestos exposure , electricians have died,ship workers , demoworkers, prison officers the list is endless ,, any form of asbestos has to be caught as soon as, but till that happens people who no they have been exposed have to fight it all the way,, its not easy no, some are fighting it others have not been given the chance through greed ignorance and hushing it up, that day as gone its now worldwide , were shiping stuff from china its loaded with asbestos, other countries as well ,, its now at the forefront of the people campaing to get it sorted asap, but be many many years yet and more deaths to come,,

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Reply amazing courage she fought it to the last ,,,

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Apart from anything else, I suffer with Scleroderma. The main problem( together with a myriad of others) is that 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Systemic Pulmonary Lung Fibrosis.

The consultant explained to me that the Fibrosis(95% of the time), can be traced to contact with Asbestos. I explained that over the last 30 years I could have been exposed to Asbestos, but there is no direct proof that you can pinpoint.

He then addressed the smoking factor and pointed out that my Emphysema and COPD is something that I can ' directly address to help myself'.

Of course, this does not aid my fight with the Asbestos Lung Fibrosis.

If the ' powers that be', ever admitted culpability regarding Asbestos, they would soon be bankrupt. Hence the admittance after death policy.

Call me cynical, but the truth is there for all to see.

Take care.

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Defo agree about powers that be .. But what you are saing is breach of your human cival rights as you are wile still alive intitled to justice and qualty of life what ever form that might be take

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